Why Enterprises Need a Mobile App Platform

With a mobile app platform, enterprises can build apps once and deploy them anywhere, delivering near-native user experiences while eliminating the cost and complexity of supporting multiple platforms and devices.

Mendix’s Mobile App Platform

Understanding Mobile App Platforms and Hybrid Apps

Business demand for mobile applications continues to rise. However, with increased demand comes additional strain on existing development resources. Today, there aren’t enough specialized developers to build custom applications that work seamlessly across all channels and devices.

An enterprise mobile app platform empowers employees to build the business apps that they need, while upholding IT governance standards. These app platforms deliver hybrid apps which combine the speed advantage from web development with the stronger user experience available from native app development.

Hybrid apps are delivered through mobile app platforms that abstract away from technical details, allowing users to quickly compose their own near-native apps through visual modeling capabilities, where the user can drag and drop components to orchestrate the app experience.

Learn how you can build near-native mobile app experiences through Mendix’s Mobile App Platform.

Essential Capabilities of an Enterprise Mobile App Platform

Achieving a seamless cross-channel, cross-device experience is possible without the cost and complexity of supporting multiple platforms and devices. The right mobile app platform will let users build once and then deploy anywhere, across any channel or device.

The ideal mobile application development platform will offer model-driven development capabilities so that a wider range of technical and non-technical users can construct business apps.

Look for the following capabilities when evaluating mobile app platforms. You’ll need features that allow users to:

  • Compose responsive mobile apps by dragging and dropping reusable UI components and native device widgets
  • Build functionality once and deploy across platforms and devices, ensuring a seamless, near-native user experience without maintaining separate code or workflows
  • Fully integrated with back-end applications and processes
  • Access features that cover the entire application development life cycle, including design, development, testing, deployment and iteration

You need a mobile app platform that speeds the delivery and flexibility of customer facing and internal mobile applications. Learn more about Mendix’s mobile app platform.

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