BAM Infra Nederland uses Mendix to keep up with client requirements

As one of the Continent’s dominant providers of commercial construction and installation services, Royal BAM Group’s BAM Infra Nederland provides continuous availability, physical connectivity and infrastructure in the areas of energy, water, telecom and transport. Their entire IT organization was operating in Mode 1 and was struggling to keep up with their clients’ requirements. With the adoption of Mendix, their first app was built in weeks and ensures 100 percent product traceability and reliability, improves staff efficiency 20-30 percent, and helps capture the maximum revenue for each contract.

After this initial success, BAM was able to pick up the pace and apply Mendix in the core of the business within their maintenance and purchasing processes. Currently, all purchasing activities are done within the Mendix app.

With Mendix it is possible for us to adapt to the changing environments, governance, and clients much faster than we were able to with the Mode 1 stack that we had.

Martin Wanschers

Business Change Manager at BAM