Global CRO Delivers Innovative App for Global Access to Research Data

About the case

This application – built in less than 30 days with Mendix’s application platform – helps clients in the pharmaceutical industry access standard reports that analyze both public and private research studies of drug candidates.

  • Provides access to thousands of “health technology assessments” that show how similar drugs have fared in other regulatory reviews
  • Replaces previous effort with more customizable and flexible infrastructure that aggregates data from different countries and formats
  • Cloud deployment delivers easy access to all clients


For life sciences companies around the world, initiatives to reduce the risk and cost of product development are strategically important – particularly when it comes to ever-increasing regulatory approvals that vary from country to country. To properly forecast the important metrics that they use to evaluate their product portfolios, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to accurately understand how similar therapeutics have previously been evaluated by government regulators worldwide.

This contract research organization (CRO) employs a team of researchers to read and summarize lengthy historical analysis on pharmaceutical products into digestible, searchable reports. This analysis can provide crucial information that can accelerate favorable R&D choices and prevent companies from devoting efforts to areas that are likely to not yield desired results. But how can pharmaceutical companies tap into the growing volume of research information from around the world, in competing formats?

In response, this CRO wanted to create a health technology analysis portal to help clients make more informed decisions about R&D endeavors that can involve tens of millions dollars. Various government agencies have divergent formulas for evaluating and pricing drugs, which makes an overall global evaluation very challenging for a pharmaceutical drug manufacturer. A proper review of global research information can remove some of the key risks associated with this process.


Earlier, the CRO had created a first-generation health technology application using an independent software programmer. Soon, however, they recognized a more flexible and scalable infrastructure was needed to properly support the application. The company understood that 24/7 support and multi-developer capabilities were high priorities. Aggregating data in different languages from different countries and in different formats could prove problematic for its newly formed research team trying to standardize these reports.

In response, the company chose Mendix’s application platform because of its out-of-the-box development and deployment functionality that enables the company to begin aggregating information quickly as well as modify and improve the application continuously.

The revised application was developed by one Mendix business consultant in less than 30 days. He followed an iterative approach with several prototypes that were validated by the business experts within the company, resulting in an on-time, on-budget application.


Today, the CRO continues to populate its new health technology analysis portal with thousands of standardized reports that help its clients analyze government evaluations of new drugs. With the click of a mouse, clients can download PDFs of abridged summaries regarding specific drugs. These analyses position clients to focus R&D efforts more carefully and productively. Additionally, Mendix’s application platform now helps the CRO’s team to further expand the functionality of the application, for example adding more client interaction including the ability to request more detailed investigations of specific records.