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Liberty Mutual Uses Mendix to Build in 2 Months

About the case

Liberty Mutual is a Fortune 100 insurance company in the United States. The group turned to Mendix to create its first mobile app,, to enable their Group Benefit customers to quickly and easily report intermittent leave.


Historically, reporting on intermittent leave was a laborious effort. Employees would have to write down the days they were out of work and then fax that information over to Liberty Mutual. The leave admin unit would then have to manually enter that information into its system. A mobile application would benefit all parties and would streamline the entire process.

Mendix enabled quick time-to-market for our new mobile web application We chose Mendix to partner in innovation, support our customers, and stay ahead of our competition.

Nazneen Vimadalal
VP Marketing & Product, Group Benefits


Mendix provided the right tools to speed the delivery, without sacrificing on quality or requirements. In particular, Liberty Mutual wanted a solution that was easy to use, intuitive, and widely available across devices. Moreover, the mobile app had to drive efficiencies within the operations group, including the ability to reuse the app for additional project components.


Mendix’s application platform enabled the group to deliver the mobile app within two months. The project group met two times each week to discuss their progress, show demonstrations, and adjust requirements and functionality as a group. Changes to the app were made in real time.