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Low-Code Platform

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All-in-one Low-code Platform

Create better software faster by abstracting and automating the development process with Mendix, the all-in-one low-code platform.

Key Platform Capabilities

  • Pick your IDE

    Tailored IDE for every developer. A WYSIWYG, no-code IDE (Mendix Studio) for business users. A low-code IDE (Studio Pro) for professional developers. Both the IDEs sync bidirectionally.

  • Spellbinding user experience

    Use the only low-code platform with a built-in React Native framework to create mobile applications specifically for iOS and Android. Take it further with conversational and immersive experiences. All built from a single platform, with no talent constraints.

  • Collaborate unambiguously

    Ensure effective business-IT communication throughout the application lifecycle with built-in collaboration tools for team development, feedback management, and agile project management.

  • Make it beautiful and accessible

    Perfect the user experience with an Atlas UI Framework to build a truly responsive design across devices. Make it accessible with WCAG 2.1 levels A and AA support.

  • Extend without limitation

    Extend the Mendix platform with APIs or use pre-built connectors to extend solutions built on Mendix. Use out-of-the-box integration for prominent enterprise systems like SAP, IBM, and Siemens Digital Industries Software.

  • Visualize, build, and reuse

    Accelerate application delivery with a highly visual, model-driven development environment. Make components of the application available for public or private reuse on the Mendix Marketplace. Or, simply reuse one from a curated library of over 400 building blocks.

  • Develop intelligently

    Mendix Assist, the first-ever built-in AI development assistant, simplifies and expedites the development process by mentoring new developers and increasing professional developers’ productivity and capacity.

  • Cloud-native scaling

    Simplify cloud operations with applications that are cloud-native by default and run in a 12-factor microservice architecture. Scale vertically and horizontally without painful re-architecting.

  • Deploy with one-click

    Run on public, private, or hybrid clouds with single-click deployment and without compromising on security, data, or tooling integration needs of the business.

  • Manage the application lifecycle

    Manage the end-to-end app lifecycle seamlessly. Develop, test, refactor, deploy, and monitor the quality of the apps from a single platform.

  • Govern consistently

    Monitor app performance and quality. Ensure security and governance with user-based security, version control, automated testing, a comprehensive admin suite, and more.

Organizations build with Mendix

An underwriting application from Zurich’s app portfolio delivers over £280,000 of operational efficiency savings per year.

Zurich, a 146-year-old insurance company, realized multi-million-pound business value through a portfolio of apps built for process improvement across underwriting, policy administration, broker relations, and quote-to-buy processes.

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The new system supports 10 million transactions per day and managed 250 million parcels in 2018, a 20% increase from the year before.

Post NL, the Netherlands’ national postal service provider, migrated to a highly scalable and flexible microservices architecture to re-platform its core supply chain system.

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An additional 2,000 tickets sold resulting in a $700,000 single-day sales lift.

Solomon Group, an entertainment production company, maximized attendance and ensured safety compliance at the New Orleans Essence Festival with sensor-enabled turnstiles and a Mendix app to track and report attendance in real-time.

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On it’s first day live, City of San Antonio processed over 1,000 applications waiting to receive aid; quickly working towards distributing $14M in aid to citizens.

San Antonio, 7th largest city in the United States, built a mobile app in 12 days to speed delivery of emergency aid requests.

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