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Introducing Make/Shift Season 2


Digital transformation requires you to look at the intersection of technology, processes, and human interaction. Mike Tarentino, Director of Digital Transformation, helps our customers to work with technology seamlessly by optimizing and improving processes. On season 2 of our Make/Shift podcast, Mike will chat with experts on how low-code can help with your digital transformation.


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Hi, I’m Mike Tarentino, Director of Digital Transformation at Mendix. In season two of Make/Shift, we’re going to focus on how organizations of all sizes can successfully execute on their digital transformation efforts.

A successful campaign starts by making change a strategic initiative tied to your business’s most critical objectives. Oftentimes, we see that business and IT leaders face some critical challenges as they begin the process. The first is that they’re averse to change. They believe that the way they’re operating isn’t broken. So it’s not a priority to fix it. The second is they don’t know where to start.

So head on over to Mendix.com/MakeShift and start your digital transformation journey.