A podcast about the low-code shift & the makers bringing ideas to life.

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Introducing Make/Shift


Introducing the new Mendix podcast series “Make/Shift”, a detailed and open conversation with your peers about how they are delivering success through building solutions that make an impact on their organization. In an open conversation, we sit down with leaders and makers across IT and business to explore how your peers adopted low code. Join us to get a better understanding of why low code is the solution to rapidly digitize processes using existing resources, deliver much-needed solutions to market more quickly, and cut down on the cost of development.


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I’m Mark Manning, customer evangelist at Mendix. On our new podcast, Make/Shift, we chat with your peers who chose to be in the bleeding edge of low-code development, technology that Gartner predicts will be leveraged by three-quarters of large enterprises and responsible for more than 65% of all application development activity within the next four years.

Join us for an authentic, unfiltered look at how they made the shift, whether it be creating a brand new product, improving how they interact with customers, committing to operational excellence, or a bit of everything. From business stakeholders to enterprise architects, from CIO’s to developers, we’ll discover how they successfully made the jump to low-code development. What they built, the impact of their work, and ultimately, how they supercharged their time to market. We’ll be hosting new episodes on our site, but don’t forget to subscribe on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your podcasts.

So join us at Mendix.com/MakeShift to hear from the makers who are bridging the IT-business gap and solving your challenges in novel ways.