4 Principles for Great Multi-Channel User Experiences

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4 Principles for Great Multi-Channel User Experiences

Along with growing business demands for custom applications, enterprise IT leaders face the challenge of ensuring that solutions are adopted by customers, partners and employees to achieve the desired business outcomes. One important aspect of delivering apps that are deemed relevant, usable and desirable is providing frictionless, multi-channel user experiences.

The Rubik’s Cube you’ve received represents challenges facing your business, such as increasing customer engagement or operational efficiency. Because traditional development approaches take too long and don’t promote iteration toward the right solution, projects are often abandoned, like an unfinished Rubik’s Cube.

Discover how your teams can deliver multi-channel user experiences that incorporate responsive design across devices and help ensure app adoption and success.

Get the guide to discover:

  • The pros and cons of two common approaches to multi-channel design
  • The importance of putting users at the center of your design process
  • How to balance responsive design with tailored device-specific experiences

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