Adapting Development to Evolving Student and Educator Needs

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Can’t keep up with evolving app change requirements?

In education, there’s a huge amount of information to track – attendance reports, health records, feedback forms, evaluations, and budget allocations, to name just a few. This information often lives in disparate systems, making it challenging for educators and administrators to compile data into actionable insights.

EduConnex focuses on delivering holistic software applications to educators around Australia. Nearly 1,000 Australian schools use their products to holistically manage various processes such as academic reporting, calendars, enrollment, communications, curriculum, attendance, medical records, etc.

By developing applications that sit adjacent to, and within, their core student management system, EduConnex uses low-code to enhance and compliment their suite of applications. That enables schools and the school community to optimize their application suite without handcuffing an institution into a monolithic application.

Watch Zaac Totonjian, General Manager of EduConnex, share his team’s experience in adopting agile development and low code, including:

  • Evolving software needs of Australia’s education sector
  • The app they were able to build in just 12 weeks
  • Why EduConnex chose Mendix as its low-code partner