Digital Execution Manual

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The Pillars of Digital Transformation

For Mendix, successful digital transformation rests on three pillars: vision, execution, and measurement. At the center of it all is application development. Change the way you develop applications, and you change the way your business achieves its digital transformation goals.

But how do you do that?

Start with the Digital Execution Manual, the culmination of Mendix’s 17 years of expertise and experience in helping thousands of customers transform their businesses.

Digital Transformation How-to? We Wrote the Book on It

Setting a strategy? Seeing that plan through? Measuring its success? This manual is integral to your approach in executing your digital transformation strategy and creating a repeatable and scalable development process. Download now and you’ll learn:

  • How to gain alignment across your organization on your digital transformation vision
  • Activating all facets of your organization—the people, processes, application portfolio, and technologies—to attain those goals
  • Ways in which you can measure the value of the strategically-aligned applications you build as well as your entire development process