Driving Agility in Manufacturing Industries with Low-Code

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Mendix at Hannover Messe 2022: Driving Agility in Manufacturing Industries with Low-Code

Bridging the capabilities gap
Manufacturers are facing a gap between their steadily increasing business demand for software and software capabilities and their ability to deliver those capabilities using traditional methods. A low-code application development platform can bridge that widening gap.
In his much-talked-about Hannover Messe presentation, now available for viewing, Raffaello Lepratti, global vice president of industrial manufacturing cloud for Mendix, spelled out the digitalization challenge manufacturers are currently wrestling with and offered up low-code as a simple but game-changing solution to that challenge.
Falling short of the goals 
Manufacturers are facing market pressure to accomplish three crucial goals:
  • Take new ideas and products to market more quickly
  • Streamline and automate operations
  • Digitize their customer experience
But traditional software delivery processes consistently and stubbornly fall short of being able to meet those goals. They are not fast enough. They are not agile enough. They do not provide enough control over development.
Unlock your abilities
By reducing the complexity of traditional delivery systems, a low-code application development platform unlocks manufacturers’ ability to boost agility, increase productivity, and accelerates innovation. With low-code, manufacturers can:
  • Assemble personalized digital experiences
  • Simplify business processes
  • Modernize systems while keeping the core clean
To hear more about how low-code is helping manufacturers bridge the software capabilities gap, we invite you to view Raffaello Lepratti’s Hannover Messe presentation.