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Extend the power of SAP with New and Differentiating Solutions

You’ve made big investments in SAP, and they serve you well. But with business demand for custom applications soaring, you need an IT strategy where running a stable digital core is combined with a mode to experiment, innovate and differentiate leveraging new technologies. To stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition, companies are taking advantage of software to reimagine products, processes, roles and business models. To be successful, this digital transformation requires a holistic, end-to-end approach to connect their business and people with customers and partners across their entire value chain.

Download this eBook to learn what makes up an organization’s digital core and how to extend it with four different types of applications to continue to deliver value to customers and stay ahead of new digitally native competitors.

You‘ll discover:

  • How your organization’s application initiatives map to Gartner’s Pace-Layer Model
  • The four types of applications that organizations need to provide value to their customers and stay competitive
  • How to deliver these applications rapidly by leveraging a low-code platform that offers frictionless integration to your existing SAP systems
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