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How to Harness Citizen Developers to Expand Your AD&D Capacity

The pressure is rising for new software to help win, serve and retain customers. Forrester estimates the US economy alone will suffer a gap of 500,000 developers by 2024. Many application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders are looking to the potential of citizen developers to help fill the talent gap. These nontraditional developers can not only fulfill their own needs for applications, but with the right tools and governance, some can play a larger role in a company’s application delivery strategy.

Download this report to learn how low-code platforms can further the potential of citizen developers and empower AD&D leaders to guide and manage their efforts.

Gain insight into:

  • How to build a strategy for harnessing the energy and smarts of your business colleagues.
  • How to recognize the three types of citizen developers and where their distinct potential lies.
  • The use cases that non-professional developers can deliver.
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