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The Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Pros, Q2 2019

Mendix is a Leader and Features Pacesetter in Low-Code Platforms

The recent report by Forrester states, “Enterprise development teams are adopting low-code development platforms, and the market’s growth prospects appear rosy. “ Download this comprehensive assessment to discover the impact low-code platforms can have on your business applications—and why Mendix is a leader and features pacesetter in this fast-growing market.

According to the report, “Mendix continues to advance the state of the art in low-code platforms for AD&D. Reference customers give the Mendix platform high marks. Mendix has expanded its features to manage the continuous integration development style, manage environments and application life cycles, and automate app deployment in part to respond to the needs of its new owner, Siemens, and biggest partner, SAP. These, and a partnership with IBM, set Mendix apart in this market. No other low-code vendor has big-vendor relationships that open so many prospect doors. “

Not all low-code platforms are equivalent. Learn about:

  • The key capabilities to look for when considering low-code platforms and what defines leaders in this category.
  • The platforms that can support a spectrum of developers enabling pro developers and business experts achieve business goals in record time.
  • The platforms that will completely change how you look at app development.