How the Composable Enterprise Will Accelerate Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

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Unlock your digitalization with the composable enterprise

To cope with disruptive technology trends, supply chain issues, bold new customer expectations, and expanding regulatory demands, more and more automotive manufacturers are launching digital transformation initiatives. Digital transformation can gain you new efficiencies, new connections, and new ways of engagement. But 70% of these initiatives never reach their goals. 

Automotive manufacturers are finding that the secret to a successful digital transformation lies in becoming a composable and adaptable enterprise. In our new eBook, we show you how the composable enterprise enables automotive manufacturers to achieve the three key objectives of digitalization. We also show you how a low-code platform empowers the collaborative problem-solving that defines the composable enterprise. 

The amazing impact on automotive manufacturers

Gartner introduced the concept of “composable business” to describe “an organization architected for real-time adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty.” By adopting the qualities of a composable enterprise, automotive manufacturers markedly increase their ability to: 

  • Analyze and utilize data 
  • Break down rigid organizational structures 
  • Enhance agility 
  • Speed up innovation
  • Increase productivity 

    To show the impact the composable enterprise, supported by a low-code platform, can have on your day-to-day operations, we’ve included in our eBook detailed use cases. You’ll read how automotive companies could use the concepts in this eBook to: 

    • Create an agile and flexible customer experience 
    • Develop innovative solutions for sustainability 
    • Maximize brownfield productivity and throughput 

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