Improving efficiency and decision making with Underwriter Workbench

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Improving efficiency and decision making with Underwriter Workbench

Insurance firms are operating in a highly challenging and competitive environment due to a low interest environment, pricing pressure, and the emergence of digital-native challengers. This insurance industry’s evolving dynamics mean that manual underwriting, which cannot take advantage of rich data sources and intelligent systems, poses a roadblock to insurers to adapt to and manage the threat of disruption. Underwriters need to optimize their processes, drive efficiency and gain market agility.

An underwriter workbench allows the underwriters to integrate disparate data sources and access it through a single connected platform. Built on a no-code/low-code platform and infused with AI and machine learning, it delivers data-powered insights and improves productivity and efficiency.

Please join us to explore how Capgemini and Mendix are enabling insurers to deploy a robust and scalable solution up to 10 times faster than traditional coding.

In this one hour webinar, our experts will discuss:

  • The evolving challenges and opportunities for underwriters.
  • How underwriter workbench can accelerate time to market and improve decision-making.
  • How underwriters can leverage AI and predictive analytics to increase accuracy of risk loss assessment.