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Executive brief:

Low-Code Platform Requirements for Supporting a Design Thinking Approach

Enterprises looking to differentiate themselves through custom software development are increasingly embracing a design thinking approach. Design thinking is a highly effective means of identifying the right problems to solve, ideating the most impactful solutions to those problems; and iteratively developing solutions that deliver the intended benefits.

Many IT leaders have begun exploring low-code platforms as a way to amplify and accelerate design thinking’s benefits. However, not all platforms were designed from the ground up to promote the design thinking principles of user-centricity, business-IT collaboration, and rapid iteration. Download this executive brief to help guide you in your evaluation of low-code platforms.

Gain insight into:

  • How the design thinking approach helps ensure optimal outcomes through an intense focus on user needs and rapid iteration
  • Key low-code platform capabilities required to support design thinking, including business-IT collaboration and visual development
  • How low-code platforms support design thinking and agile, allowing teams to identify the right problem to solve and incrementally deliver the right solution to that problem
Low-Code Platform Requirements for Supporting a Design Thinking Approach Booklet