Low Code Value Handbook

The value of low code. Defined.

Perception: It’s obvious that your IT department can create value. 95% of businesses agree that IT adds value to strategic initiatives.*

Reality: You don’t have the right tools, processes, and funds to create and accelerate that value. 61% of business stakeholders say that IT is delivering on less than half their ideas and 50% of IT reports that budgets are inadequate.

How do you turn perception into reality?

With low-code development, you can modernize your application development processes and create value for your organization at unprecedented levels. And you can prove it.

Find your value

Download the “Low Code Value Handbook” and you’ll get Mendix’s framework on how to define, calculate and articulate business value you create with low-code development. You’ll learn:

  • How to calculate time-to-market acceleration, application output growth, and IT productivity increase
  • How to create a business case
  • That you’re no longer a cost center
  • That you can lead the charge on creating a new way of doing things in your organization
  • That you’re a value creator.


    *Digital Disconnect: A Study of Business and IT Alignment in 2019