AI Face Recognition

Leverage a combination of machine learning and facial recognition, in parallel with a rating engine, to provide accurate quotations instantly from a picture.

Video Demonstrations

  • Younger customers expect to work, play, and buy with their phones. Native mobile apps provide the rich, engaging, and user-friendly experience they want.

  • Integrate with machine learning services such as Micorsoft Azure, IBM Watson, AWS, and more with connectors from the Mendix App Store.

  • Connect to your preferred Payment Service Provider through Mendix.

  • Fuel the functionality of your applications with data pulled from across your enterprise.

Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution.

  • Native Mobile

    Rapidly build true native mobile apps that deliver rich and engaging experiences.

  • Seamless Integration

    Real-time integrations with leading enterprise software platforms help you realize operation excellence.

  • AI Connectivity

    Mendix is an agnostic platform – so you can connect to the cognitive service provider you prefer.

Use case

Zurich FaceQuote App Goes from Idea to Launch in Weeks

FaceQuote is a frictionless, first-to-market application that provides prospective life insurance customers by soliciting a selfie, estimating the user’s age, and calculating a monthly premium based on this estimated age.


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  • Azure Machine Learning

    This service full supports open-source technologies and includes features that automate model generation and tuning to help you create models with ease, efficiency, and accuracy.

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