Data Exchange Solution

EzXchange for Mendix  by Intelizign is highly configurable, scalable, easy to use solution for Mendix applications which need data exchange with Teamcenter.

This solution can also be used to exchange data between Teamcenter and any other enterprise application.

  • Easy to Configure

    Use cases can be configured easily using EzXchange Admin application available in Teamcenter Rich Client.

  • Scalable & Speed

    Scalable for large amount of data exchange transactions with high performance. Supports POM Enquiries for faster data export.

  • Secure

    Follows all Teamcenter security configuration while exchanging the data with external systems.

  • Web Services Support

    Supports REST/SOAP based Webservices for data exchange making it easy to use for any external application.

Key Solution Capabilities

  • Export - Objects

    Export any objects under WSO like — Items, Relations, Datasets, Forms, References, BOM, Configurations, Classification, Options & Variants

  • Export - Files

    File export to shared locations or using FMS tokens.

  • Export - Configuration

    Intuitive user interface for configuring the Export use-cases.

  • Import - Objects

    Create/Update objects like Items, Relations, Datasets, Forms, BOM, Classification and other WSO objects.

  • Import - Workflow/Process

    Initiate workflows, assign participants, ownership, project assignments, check in/out.

  • Import - Configuration

    Intuitive user interface for configuring import use-cases.

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