The Mendix FSM Suite

Making field service management better, together.

The Field Service Management Suite
for Manufacturing Firms

Many manufacturing firms and field service management providers suffer from inefficient and costly asset maintenance and administration processes. With Mendix FSM we can make field service management better, together.

The Mendix FSM suite is a set of templates enabling the digital transformation of FSM operations. The suite is adaptive and cloud-based. Each template is flexible and scalable to meet our customers’ requirements.


  • Asset Management

    Register and manage assets. Note relevant tools and spare parts to help your technicians prepare for and execute jobs effectively. The basis of the Mendix FSM suite, this template is a must-have component in digitizing your field service management processes.

  • Work Order Execution

    Allows a mobile maintenance technician to accept work orders and then automatically receive all the information needed to successfully execute the jobs swiftly, efficiently and in the right manner. Details of necessary tools and parts also help speed repairs.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Track asset health in real time. Manage asset performance and create work order service jobs like maintenance, repairs, and other operations. Spotting and investigating issues early, you’ll extend asset uptime and move towards data-driven maintenance.

  • Field Service Scheduling

    Automatically assign and schedule work orders with technicians, based on skills, availability, location and commute time, or other criteria. Optimizing work order allocations, you’ll lighten the load on your planners and improve field service team efficiency.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Drawing on output data from asset-linked IoT systems, automatically generate work orders and route them to an appropriate technician. By judging dates for optimal servicing based on asset usage, you’ll cut costs and reduce unplanned downtime.

  • Service Portal

    Enable both internal and external customers of your FSM services to create their own asset service requests. Customers can also track and trace work order progress, view invoices, agreements, contracts, equipment and asset information. Self-service offers customers easy access and reduces the pressure on your service desk.

  • More to come

    In addition to the above mentioned templates we are planning to develop additional field service templates in the FSM suite. These will be based on customer feedback and market trends.

Meeting good governance expectations

  • Open for integration

    The Mendix FSM Suite is designed for easy integration with your existing internal and partner IT ecosystem. From ERP systems to manufacturing, finance and billing applications, we’ve got it covered through industry-standard interfaces and protocols.

  • Adaptive solutions

    The Mendix FSM suite is cloud-based. Because it runs on Mendix, the suite is also adaptive. You can customize your instance to reflect your unique processes and competitive advantages. Implementation is easy, scaling a breeze.

  • Secure

    As you’d expect, the Mendix FSM suite meets the highest data security standards. It operates through ISO-certified data centers featuring advanced firewall security, data segmentation and other best-practice techniques.

  • Powerful data analytics

    Storing all your customer, asset and work order data in a central repository allows detailed analytics and queries on the full data set. Need to discover, interpret and communicate patterns and trends in your data? It’s all there in Mendix FSM.

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