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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Field Service Management?

    Field service management (FSM) refers to the process of managing geographically distributed equipment, machines, devices, systems and other high-value assets. A business might have large numbers of assets spread across multiple locations. It will need to service, maintain, and repair these assets via its own or a contractor’s team of mobile technicians and engineers. An effective field service operation typically entails determining and creating asset servicing schedules, raising work orders, directing field service personnel, managing logistics, parts inventory, and tools. There’s also customer account management, site liaison, and billing. An effective FSM operation is one which efficiently optimizes asset performance to the customer’s satisfaction within a positive governance framework and requires digital access to just-in-time-information (JITI). Read more about JITI here.

  • What is the Mendix FSM suite?

    Mendix FSM is a comprehensive, integrated, and adaptive field service management software app suite. Mendix FSM boosts the effectiveness of your or your customers’ high-value assets, improves technician productivity and decreases unplanned asset downtime. See:

  • I could choose an off-the-shelf system. How is Mendix FSM different?

    Off the FSM shelf software might at first sound like a quick and affordable option. But you should first assess the extent to which it supports your unique processes and operations. The quality of your services and the best elements of the ‘way you do things’ are your competitive advantage. An off-the-shelf system can strip you of your unique selling proposition. It can confine you to a standard way of working, making you no different to competitors using the same software. Customization is usually limited, expensive and risky.

    Mendix FSM is different. It’s an adaptive solution.
    A fully functioning FSM suite, each application can swiftly be adapted to accommodate your unique processes, best support your technicians and serve your customers. This flexibility is made possible because we build Mendix FSM applications using the Mendix low-code platform. Building our suite the adaptive way also means it’s easy for you to adjust your Mendix FSM apps over time to accommodate your changing operations and needs. Read more about adaptive solutions.

  • Can you tell me more about the application modules comprising the Mendix FSM suite?

    We currently offer or are developing applications for asset management, work order execution, remote monitoring of assets, field service scheduling and predictive maintenance as well as a self-service portal. Find out more by visiting The Mendix FSM Suite.

  • Can I see a demo of the Mendix FSM suite?

    Of course. You can request a demo here.

  • What is the average implementation time?

    Mendix FSM suite implementation time varies according to the scale and specific requirements of our customers’ operations and their choice of Mendix FSM apps. Cloud-based and built on the Mendix low-code software development platform, each customer’s instance is an adaptive solution—a kickstarter for the solution you’re looking for—providing rapid time to value. For an estimate of implementation time for your operation, please contact us.

  • What does the Mendix FSM suite cost?

    The Mendix FSM suite is available at an annual license fee. This fee varies according to which apps you choose, the scale of your operation, number of users, and the level of support you elect. To discover more please contact us.

  • What is the average ROI?

    For the digital transformation of your FSM processes, the Mendix FSM suite is designed to offer both a fast and excellent return on investment. Mammoet, an engineering and heavy lifting firm, improved maintenance engineer productivity by 30%. Read the Mammoet case study. If you’re serious about evaluating Mendix FSM, our consultants would be pleased to help you assess ROI potential.

  • With what systems/tools can you integrate?

    Mendix FSM supports connections to almost any ERP, PLM, CRM or other backend system, including SAP or TeamCenter. This is achieved through industry-standard interfaces and protocols such as REST, SOAP, JDBC, and OData. The platform offers many solutions for ensuring that new applications can both consume and expose data and services in heterogeneous environments. Please also visit Mendix Integration.

  • What are APIs?

    Application programmer interfaces (APIs) allow developers to easily build applications which can communicate with other applications. Applications can exchange data and access another application’s functionality via an API. Please also visit Mendix Integration.

  • Does your solution have offline / mobile native capabilities?

    Yes, our applications are mobile native. You can use the applications without being connected to the internet, and then as soon as you are connected, the data will be fed back to the backend systems. See also: How Mendix Mobile Apps work.

  • In what languages is the Mendix FSM app suite available?

    The Mendix FSM app suite user interface is currently available in English or Dutch. During the implementation phase, we can customize interfaces to offer other languages as required. Users can select their language preference from those offered.

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