IoT Tracking Solution For Logistics & Supply Chain Management

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IoT Logistics Tracking

SAP IOT Logistics enables logistics and shipping companies to track cargo for changes in environmental conditions and write smart contracts using SAP Blockchain.

Video Demonstrations

  • Enable live updates from IoT sensors that can be tracked by the carrier and the customer.

  • Create a fraud-proof audit of condition violations that is accessible to all parties.

  • Ensure cargo integrity is maintained throughout its journey by leveraging your preferred IoT platform.

  • Mine today’s data to fuel tomorrow’s business decisions.

Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution.

  • IoT Connectivity

    Connect and stream data from any IoT device through SAP Leonardo, MindSphere, Azure IoT, AWS or IBM Bluemix, and others.

  • Seamless Integration

    Real-time integrations with leading enterprise software platforms help you realize operation excellence.

  • Blockchain Integration

    Leverage blockchain to improve and streamline the audit process.

Use case

Liftinzicht Digitized an Archaic Manual Process with a Low-Code App

Using the Mendix platform Liftinzicht:
• built a data management platform in three weeks
• cut maintenance costs by 30%/year
• implemented use of IoT sensors


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