Asset Management

Register and manage assets. Note relevant tools and spare parts to help technicians prepare for and execute jobs effectively.

Asset information - all in one place

Many organizations have hundreds, perhaps thousands of their own or their clients’ assets to manage. Assets can be spread across multiple locations and be the responsibility of different people. They can also require different maintenance and health and safety approaches, and different skill sets and certifications from your technicians. All this makes for a complex affair for maintenance planners and technicians alike, which can quickly become costly if your asset management processes are weak.

Spare parts procurement, spare parts planning

The asset management software template is the basis of the FSM suite. You can register each asset, its description and all the variables related to managing it. Next to assets it is also possible to define tools and spare parts, helping technicians know what to take to jobs and helping your field service managers improve spare parts planning and spare parts procurement. If you don’t have a system for asset management, this is a must-have in your journey of digitizing your field service management process.

Asset IoT monitoring, AI/ML failure predictions

Having set up your asset register, you can continuously track and manage each asset throughout its lifecycle and provide technicians with immediate access to service histories. The template can interpret RFID and asset IoT monitoring data, for real-time status, AI/ML-based failure predictions and preventative maintenance actions. It can also indicate asset locations on a map. You can also view and query on-screen copies/avatars of each asset without having to physically visit the asset itself.

Key values of the Asset Management template

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard for asset visibility and status across your organization.

  • Stay notified

    Proactive notifications related to inspection dates and state of your equipment.

  • Pinpoint assets

    Technicians can view an asset’s exact location/spend less time searching.

  • Mobile notifications

    Stay informed

    Asset-relevant spare parts and tools information.

  • Maintenance Logs

    Complete asset maintenance history record.

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