Maintenance Scheduling

Automatically assign and schedule work orders with technicians, based on their skills, availability, location and commute time or other requirement criteria.

Optimize your work order allocations

Using a trained algorithm, the field service scheduling template automatically assesses the options available, then selects and schedules the most effective choice of technician. If needed, access can be given to your maintenance planner for manual overwrites.

Supporting maintenance planners

For larger field service management operations with multiple asset responsibilities and a large number of technicians, it can be a struggle for a maintenance planner to select an appropriate field service engineer to fulfill work orders.

To allocate work orders, the maintenance planner must consider required skills and certifications, the individual’s availability, location, travel time to the job and even traffic conditions, and perhaps other criteria such as the customer’s preference. Sub-optimal scheduling decisions can risk failure to meet the terms of the service-level-agreement.

In addition to the selection and scheduling feature, the customer can be given access to self-create new service requests and attach pictures. The customer can then monitor the latest state of these requests, including predicted arrival and repair times, see Service Portal.

Key values of the Field Service Scheduling template

  • Person in front of globe

    Allocate jobs to the right technician

    Assign jobs to appropriately located, suitably qualified technicians.

  • Computer connecting to cloud

    Access and adjust planning

    Real-time planning with manual overrides if required.

  • Simplify maintenance planning

    Make planning easier and save your team time.

  • Mobile phone apps

    Automated work order sign offs

    Automatic sign off on service requests.

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