Mendix Operations Manager

Gain control with Security Scanning by incorporating policy-based governance over the entire Mendix application landscape. Upgrade and deploy new versions with Java Library Updater.

Effective log monitoring along with automated registering of recurring tasks reduces manual efforts.

Policy Automation

MxOM checks applications before and after deployment to ensure they are always compliant with your policies.

Intelligent Learning

MxOM provides real-time insight into the state of versions, vulnerabilities, and solutions to known problems.

CI/CD Automation

Control automated builds and deployments through policies, and track and audit changes to your applications.

Multi-cloud Support

Multi-cloud governance and software repository support ensures total control from a single dashboard.

Additional Solution Capabilities

  • Java Library Management

    Direct insight into which applications are using old or vulnerable java libraries. Java library updater to remotely upgrade and deploy new versions.

  • Log Monitoring

    Collect and analyze logs from your Mendix applications. Solutions to known problems are automatically suggested, custom log processing rules can be configured.

  • License Monitoring

    Collect usage information from your applications including active users, licenses used, and track peak or low usage of applications to help optimize your Mendix license strategy.

  • Security Scanning

    Scan the security settings of your applications, record security model changes for auditing purposes, and check for insecure application models.

  • Version Management

    Keep track of Marketplace content, Mendix runtime versions, and Java libraries in use by your applications, helping to plan application upgrades and maintenance.

  • Task Management

    Register and assign recurring tasks to help ease the burden of audits, compliance, and other manual operational activities.

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