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Rating Engine

Mendix enables you to directly develop your rating engine within the platform or simply call your existing platform through an integration.

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  • All of your insurance business lines and products can be handled effectively in one rating application.

  • Instantly generate quotations across multiple product lines, leveraging a built-in rating engine or integrate directly with your preferred rating software.

  • Quickly and easily adapt built-in rating engine through the administrator portal so that you can rapidly react to market forces.

  • Map your existing spreadsheet-based rating engine directly into your app.

Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution.

  • Spreadsheet Mapping

    Create a single source of truth for your organization by mapping existing spreadsheet-based rating engines directly to a Mendix application.

  • Seamless Integration

    Real-time integrations with leading enterprise software platforms help you realize operation excellence.

  • Security Controls

    Enterprise-grade permission controls are embedded into the Mendix platform, allowing you to establish security policies and user permissions from the start.