Retail, Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Solution (RAFA) with Low-Code

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Video Demonstrations

  • Manage your collection with a visual overview of your targets and designs.

  • Visual, easy-to-use, management of your Material assets with vendor participation.

  • Natively integrate 3D design for flexible fabrics into your development process.

  • Use the available conversion to picture perfect 3D assets to sell directly from your digital design.

Additional Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution.

  • Ideation

    Dynamic digital mood boards to communicate concepts and ideas to streamline development.

  • Supplier Tech Packs

    Automated generation of tech packs containing all information needed to produce the product.

  • Cloud Native

    Take advantage of all benefits associated with the cloud while always being up to date with latest versions and features through automatic updates and upgrades.

  • Color Management

    Leverage the latest color standards, select and communicate your palette to your development team and vendors.

  • Cost Calculation

    Initial costing capabilities enable users to set targets and assess profitability during design process.


Available on Subscription Basis (user/month).