Smart Connected Buildings | Monitor & Optimize Property Operations

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Video Demonstrations

  • Review conditions inside your factory or office in real time. Make timely adjustments for noise, vibration, air quality and other factors based on active data from onsite sensors.

  • Machine learning and your data work together to predict what maintenance is needed where and when. Prioritize repairs and replacements before secondary issues occur.

  • Grant access to sensor data on role-based dashboards as needed.

  • Determine a property’s operational and energy efficiency using aggregate structured and unstructured as well as current and historic data from multiple sources.

Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution.

  • An Open and Extensible Platform

    The open platform allows the solution to integrate into your existing building management landscape. Combine best-in-class technology stacks to create a unified view of your real estate holdings.

  • Modular and Flexible

    Smart Connected Buildings can be customized to your needs and processes. Use pre-built components or create bespoke features.

  • User Experience

    Designed with simplicity in mind, minimize the effort required to provide training and enablement. Role-based, contextual guidance provides just-in-time nudges to guide the operator on what needs to be done on particular app screens.

Use case

Liftinzicht Evolved to Predictive Maintenance with Low Code

Using the Mendix platform Liftinzicht:

• built a data management platform in three weeks
• cut maintenance costs by 30%/year
• implemented use of IoT sensors


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  • MindSphere

    Cloud-based, open IoT operating system that transforms data into knowledge and knowledge into measured business success.

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  • Predictive Maintenance

    Predictive maintenance starts by collecting data for your assets. There is an easy way to facilitate this and make your assets smart: by adding Internet of Things (IoT) connected sensors to them.

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