Smart Security Monitoring and Response

A responsive, modern, and flexible digital security monitoring platform for start-ups, SME’s, large enterprises & agencies. Monitor all your legacy & smart communicators on this intuitive  platform and improve overall operations, performance & quality.

Enables home owners, real estate agencies and businesses owners to interact with control centres, initiating events such as geo-location panic, service requests, service ratings and receive push notifications, mitigate false alarms, track response progress and perimeter patrol.

Enables response resources to react to auto-dispatch requests and assists with shortest route navigation to premises. In addition the application enables digital completion of incident reports, access the premises (smart gate control) and conduct perimeter patrol (smart waypoint tracking).

Enables technical and service resources to respond to service requests including ad-hoc requests, planned maintenance according to a schedule and preventative maintenance based on pre-defined metrics. This enables rapid escalation resolutions bridging the gap between control-centres, customer and technical resources.

Additional Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution.

  • Alarm Monitoring & Management

    Quick and detailed communication between security systems/devices and the central control room.

  • Intelligent Auto-Dispatch, Navigation & Live Fleet Tracking

    React to critical events with auto-dispatch feature to responding officers/vehicles and assisted navigation and progress tracking.

  • Alarm Mitigation & Mobile Geo-Panic

    Enable GEO panic events from anywhere and mitigate criticality of event.

  • Automated Event Management with Push Notification, Messaging & VOIP

    Facilitate automated VOIP and notifications to avoid operator error, saving time and money.

  • ERP, Billing, Service & Device Integration

    Integration with external systems for enhanced value and integrated data communication with security devices.

  • Analytics, Reports & Intelligence

    Measure and visualize key performance indicators including predictive device analytics.

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