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  • Mendix to Showcase Rapid App Delivery for Telecom Companies at TM…

    Modern telecommunications companies need to innovate quickly to stay competitive in a rapidly-evolving industry. This theme is front and center at the TM Forum Live! Conference, where Mendix is demonstrating how it helps telcos transform their application delivery approach.

  • Modeling the Agile Enterprise

    Nifty title isn’t it. It also happens to be the title of the Mendix whitepaper, but I just thought it would work well for this post about, well, modeling the agile enterprise. In other words, let’s talk about bringing agile development to organizations of different sizes, and the enterprise effects (…er, business agility) of IT agility.

  • Telecom Channel Portals 2.0: Telecommunications Companies Are Ready…

    Telecommunications companies are looking to cloud computing to clean up inefficient processes throughout the sales channel. The products and services

  • 5 Easy Steps to Telecom Channel Portals

    In the telecom industry, online portals are becoming a valuable marketing tactic and revenue driver.

  • Telecom Carrier Portals in 5 Easy Steps

    In this industry, online portals are becoming a valuable marketing tactic. Telecommunications resellers rely on carriers to provide the information