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  • Let’s import your brand

    Apps often don’t match up with your brand. They use a different style, the logo doesn’t quite match up, and

  • The Eye-Catching Mendix UI Framework

    This new framework provides a comprehensive set of UI patterns, themes, navigation layouts, and page templates that allow developers to more easily create engaging, responsive applications.

  • 3 Tips for a Performant User Interface

    To build excited for my upcoming webinar, this post shares three tips to ensure your User Interface remains as fast as possible. Make sure you tune in to the webinar for more ideas.

  • Form and Function: 4 Essentials to App Design

    This article shares some of the basics related to form and function – as these are the essentials to application design and will help secure user adoption and enable faster ROI once your project has launched.

  • Widgets: The UI Building Blocks

    In this post, we’ll delve deeper into the main widgets that help deliver a great user interface and show how easy it is to build with them.