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Some tips about hot-keys from our friends!

on June 22, 2012


You’d think that all the hottest tech articles about Mendix are to be found here, at our Tech Blog. You would be mostly right. We have some serious competition however from a blog called Mendix and Beyond which is run by Herman Geldenhuys in South Africa!

Today’s post is about using your keyboard in the Modeler. We love keyboards. The Business Modeler sports many hot-keys that make developing easier. It seems that Herman and co. noticed! You can read about some of the hot-keys in Mendix and Beyond: 3 more Hot Keys to Burn up the Pace.

Here are some of their other interesting posts:

There is some valuable Mendix content on that blog and it will probably keep on coming. It would be a shame if we didn’t tell you!

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RSS Feed of the Mendix Blog

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