Rapid Application Development Tools

Rapidly design, build, deploy and manage multi-channel enterprise applications, all within one seamless cloud environment. Mendix’s rapid application development tools empower both developers and business users to build mobile and web applications 6 times faster and more flexibly than with traditional methods of development.

Mendix’s rapid application development tools produce higher quality applications

Rapid application development tools deliver better software results within a shorter timeline, allowing the business to achieve ROI faster. There are three main components that enable IT teams to rapidly develop better applications:

Support across the entire application lifecycle

While many application development tools focus on one step—deployment, Mendix speeds each stage of the cycle, facilitating a more iterative, flexible process that allows organizations to adapt to changing requirements.

Democratization of application development

Traditional development methods require programmers who know how to work with specific programming languages. Alternatively, Mendix’s low-code rapid application development software abstracts away from code, allowing a wider variety of users with domain expertise to participate in the development process, increasing the overall developer population.

Collaboration between IT and Business

Improving developer productivity alone only marginally impacts the success of IT projects. Rapid application development tools prioritize IT and business collaboration through project management features, visual development tools, and end user feedback mechanisms, ensuring that each project is focused on producing high-quality results.

Feature-rich, application development tools

Mendix’s platform is a leader among rapid application development tools. The feature-rich platform supports the rapid release of new applications through:

  • Rapid application development capabilities that abstract away from code and focus on visual modeling and business logic workflows
  • One-click deployment to any environment, including cloud or on-premises options
  • A vibrant marketplace to accelerate productivity with hundreds of pre-built application components, templates and widgets
  • Multi-channel, multi-device layout options to provide a great user experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet interfaces
  • Social collaboration features to engage stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle
  • Centralized application governance and management features to enable more users without impacting performance, security or scalability

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