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Traditional app development no longer works and IT teams are struggling to produce digital products at the speed their business demands. Mendix is a leader in low-code platforms that empower IT teams to deliver apps in days, not months.

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Create and launch enterprise-ready apps 10x faster

Adoption of low-code platforms is surging as organizations look to close the gap between business demand for custom applications and IT capacity to deliver it. Such platforms enable teams to build web and mobile applications 10 faster than traditional approaches, while promoting an iterative, user-centric approach that ensures business outcomes.

Not all low-code platforms are equal.

But all low-code platforms aren’t created equal, and enterprises looking to adopt a platform at scale have a unique set of concerns. Discover why the Mendix platform is uniquely suited for low-code development within an enterprise context.

Business and IT are pleased with the way we're working together, but also the speed at which we realize value. I could say it's 20x faster. We realize things that were not even possible in the past.

Jan Paul Buijs
Manager, CIO Office

Bring app development into the future

  • Empower a continuum of developers

    Mendix enables a range of users to visually model full-stack applications (data model, logic, and UIs). The Desktop Modeler enables professional developers to balance higher productivity with control, while the WYSIWYG Web Modeler enables citizen developers to rapidly build functional prototypes.

  • Promote iterative development

    With agile project management capabilities and a built-in feedback loop, Mendix promotes rapid, iterative development in collaboration with the business. Quickly deliver MVPs that address a few key features, and leverage user feedback to enhance applications incrementally over time.

  • Create smart experiences

    Mendix enables developers to incorporate technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain into their apps, without needing specialized skills. Leverage pre-built connectors available in the Mendix App Store, or build your own and make them available as native model elements in the platform.

  • Deploy web-scale applications

    Mendix’s cloud-native, stateless architecture enables out-of-the-box high availability and fail over to support web-scale deployments. Through its support of Cloud Foundry, Docker, and Kubernetes, Mendix offers unrivaled deployment flexibility across public, private, and virtual private clouds, or on-premises.