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Developing in Siemens Low-Code

西门子低代码 为开发人员提供模型驱动的开发环境,旨在满足当今企业软件开发人员(包括业务线开发人员、公民开发人员和经验丰富的软件工程师)的需求。通过我们高度可扩展的可视化建模套件,所有技能组的开发人员都可以使用无代码和低代码开发工具参与应用程序的设计、构建和部署。

How Does Mendix Enable Model-Driven Development?

Mendix enables model-driven development through Mendix Studio Pro, which provides visual drag-and-drop development tools for workflows, UI, data, logic, and navigation using no-code and low-code development. 

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How Does Mendix Support Different Developer Profiles?

Mendix is designed to support the spectrum of users who are necessary for building enterprise apps in today’s software-driven world. This includes line-of-business developers, citizen developers, business analysts, and professional developers. Each of these roles can collaborate in Mendix through an integrated set of tools across the entire software development lifecycle.

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How Does Mendix Support Multi-User Development?

Project team members are connected instantly and interactively to changes and updates such as new requirements, software revisions, updates, and shipments as well as test results and feedback loops from end-users. This live feed becomes the backbone for the Mendix collaborative process, while visual models and drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editors lower the barrier to entry for business users to participate in the development process.

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使用 西门子低代码 进行开发的关键组件