2021 Strategic Roadmap For The Composable Future Of Applications

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2021 Strategic Roadmap For The Composable Future Of Applications

The Application Architecture Balancing Act

Strategic business change is a tightrope.

With an ever-increasing backlog for solutions, you are constantly performing the balancing act between meeting the demands of the present while creating an application architecture that addresses the future. You need a modern technology stack that evenly distributes the weight of the present and the future.

How do you maintain balance when the future of applications is continuously shifting and enterprise architects have too wide of a scope on what to prioritize and consider?

Access now

We believe Gartner identifies that strategic business change is difficult. They recently published a report to provide a foundational starting point as you think about the future of your enterprise application needs.

Download Gartner’s 2021 Strategic Roadmap For The Composable Future Of Applications1 report to learn:

  • Why monolithic applications no longer meet requirements or expectations
  • How composable business capabilities can quickly enable new business scenarios
  • What technologies, such as low-code and other democratized tools, are available to support the future business application experience
  • How the business-IT relationship for app innovation has become a continuum of shared responsibility.


  • 1 Gartner, 2021 Strategic Roadmap for the Future of Applications, Yefim Natis, Dennis Gaughan, Gene Alvarez, 7 January 2021