Mendix App Platform

The complete platform to build, integrate & deploy powerful enterprise applications faster & with better results.

Model-Driven Development

Build even the most demanding business applications with unprecedented speed using Mendix’s visual model-driven development platform. Business and IT will collaborate more easily resulting in complete flexibility to design and build the apps your company needs when it needs them.

Engaging user interfaces across devices

Create engaging and beautiful UIs; use your own styling and themes or out-of-the-box layouts

Powerful business rules

Build complex business rules and logic-based functionality quickly with Mendix’s trademark Microflows

Enterprise processes & workflows

Mendix Microflows allow you to build powerful process logic and workflow automation quickly

Flexible Domain Models

Create your own entity models with complete flexibility or import existing models

App Services

Build functionality once and re-use it across multiple applications

Eclipse integration and custom code

Extend Mendix with your own Java or JavaScript, integrated with Eclipse


Easily translate, manage and maintain your applications in multiple languages

App Store

Get up and running fast with pre-built apps, App Services, components, templates or widgets from the Mendix Community App Store or publish and maintain your own in your company’s Enterprise App Store

1-Click Deployment

Deploy instantly with Mendix’s famous 1-click deployment. Use the Mendix Cloud with the security and scalability global enterprises expect, or leverage your own infrastructure and run your apps on-premise or in a private cloud.

Cloud, hybrid or on-premise

Deploy anywhere – instantly in the Mendix Cloud, your own cloud or on-premise

Instant Deployment

Deploy apps with one click, right from the Mendix App Platform

Multiple deployment environments

Deploy as many environments as you need – test, acceptance, or production

Deployment Management

Manage the deployment of all your applications in one centralized place

Scalable Deployment in the Mendix cloud

Scale the deployment of your applications in the Mendix Cloud as your users and usage grows

Deployment Monitoring

Manage and monitor performance of all your applications

Social Collaboration

Business – IT collaboration can make or break the success of an application – Mendix’s built-in social collaboration features make it easy and fun to engage all stakeholders across business and IT, throughout the lifecycle of your project. Keep tabs on all the moving parts and have a closed loop platform for end user feedback.


Enterprise-wide activity stream for all users across your company and your projects


Built-in chat for instant communication with your team


Fully integrated, closed loop feedback from end users sent directly to the dev team


Create user stories and requirements right within the Mendix App Platform

Agile Project Management

Manage your projects, assign tasks and priorities, and keep track of progress with scrum boards and burn-down charts


Collaborating with your team members in Mendix is as easy as using Facebook

Multi-Channel, Multi-Device

Provide a great user experience across multiple devices and channels. Use Mendix to build a new enterprise application for desktop users, add a mobile user interface to an existing system, or build a dedicated tablet application.

Desktop, Tablets, Mobile

One application across devices – easily build device specific interfaces for desktop, tablets and mobile devices; all using the same application


Build document templates, standard print forms, export to Excel, or generate PDFs

Messaging and email

Easily include messaging or email notifications in your applications


Use the data in your applications to generate the reports your users need

Web Services

Mendix Apps are open and can easily send and receive data to and from other applications – publish anything as a web service


Easily build user interfaces for multiple roles including your employees, customers and partners

Centralized App Governance

With the Mendix App Platform developers and business units have the power to build what they need quickly without giving up IT governance and control. IT teams can ensure management, documentation, maintenance and security in one centralized place.

Platform for enterprise teams

Enable the entire development team to work on the same application, including Team Server, version control and an automated build process

IT Governance

Manage all applications, documentation, users and security in one centralized place, no matter who develops the app


Ensure enterprise security across applications, projects and users

Single sign-on

Authenticate users using your existing access control infrastructure such as LDAP or SAML 2.0

App Management

Complete lifecycle management including deployment, feedback, versioning, and back-ups

Enterprise App Store

Easily share and re-use apps and components across your organization within your secure enterprise app store, just for your company’s Mendix account


All team members are on the same page with documentation build right into the Mendix App Platform


Monitor the performance of your applications in one place

Enterprise Integration

Mendix apps are often integrated with existing enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle,, FICO and many others. The Mendix App Platform makes it easy to tie into existing processes and provides multiple, highly efficient integration options.

Integrate and extend

Extend legacy applications and integrate with existing processes and data across your enterprise systems infrastructure

Integration made simple

Integrate faster and easier – create web service based integrations without the need for complex programming expertise

Enterprise-class integration technology

Integrate your Mendix app through many common integration technologies, including traditional file transfer, web services and quick enterprise mash-ups

Platform API

The open Mendix Platform API allows you to seamlessly integrate with common software development and testing tools

Standard Integration Connectors

Use standard, pre-built connectors to integrate with enterprise systems such as SAP or integrate with an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

Continuous Integration

The Mendix Platform API makes it easy to integrate the Mendix App Platform with your existing development processes and tools

App Services

Build functionality once and re-use it across multiple applications

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