Mendix: We Help Enterprises Achieve their Digital Goals with Low-code

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Our philosophy

We founded Mendix to solve our personal frustration with the complexity of custom software development, which is siloed, slow and consistently fails to deliver intended business results. We believed deeply we had to fundamentally reimagine and elevate the traditional roles played by Business and IT teams in the app development process.

In a world sometimes hyper-obsessed with inputs and processes, we wanted to create a new way so teams could rapidly and continuously translate their ideas into real business value. So we created an app platform that allows your whole organization to participate and collaborate in the application development process, enabling you to unleash your best ideas quickly with software.

We are a “you” company.

This is not about what we can do. It’s about what you can do with us at your side. When we’ve got your back, how far will you go?

“Mendix actually wanted us to succeed — they didn't just want make the sale. And I wanted a partner that felt that way.”

Rob B. / Alliant Insurance


Founded in Rotterdam, NL


Team members worldwide


Companies using our platform


Developers using Mendix


Universities teaching Mendix

Joined Siemens family in 2018

Leader in 2 Magic Quadrants

Leader in 2 Forrester Waves

Our leadership team

Mendix is powered by a diverse team of passionate and exceptional talent, with one thing in common: We are driven by the desire to help people go make something significant.

What does it mean to be Mendix Blue?
Put the Customer First
We act in the best interest of our customers, always. We strive to earn their trust and loyalty. We act as a true partner by helping them achieve success beyond what they thought possible.
Think Big
We aim for big impact. We are ambitious and work to have a meaningful, lasting impact on the world. We don’t compromise long-term value over short-term profit. We want to win the long game.
We ask “what if?” and work to find a way or make one. Unbound by convention, we disrupt, we dare, we are unafraid. We want to be what happens next.
Nurture Talent
We understand that change and failure are a part of growth. We look, not just at the sum of what an individual has done, but at the potential of who they can be. We cultivate an environment where people can thrive.
Hear Every Voice
Here, the best ideas win. We come from different backgrounds, see from different perspectives, and have different skill sets. Inflated egos don’t last here, humility does. We believe we can do more together than we could do alone.
Own It
We focus on the outcome and take initiative to get there. We are unconstrained by job titles. If something needs doing, we do it. It’s my job, it’s your job, it’s our job. We get it done.
Have Fun
We find joy and purpose in what we do. We can ask for help, and we’re happy to give it. We use laughter as the language that brings us together.

What We Do

Disruption is the standard, no longer the exception. Mendix is the leading low-code software development platform. We are steadfast in our belief that everyone, anywhere should have the ability to build world-class software. Our platform uses visual models and collaboration tools — opening the software development process to people with a wide variety of technical skills.

At Mendix we want to make it possible to change the world, over and over.

Rachael Ferguson, UK Office Manager & EA to VP Community Marketing

Jon Scolamiero, Manager, Architecture & Governance

Ursula Alberto, Test Software Engineer

Oscar Wergeland, Associate Consultant

Roos Jager, Customer Experience Consultant

Lisa Aarsman, Sr. Manager Business Development

Leon van Moorsel, Unit Director, Community & Collaboration

Diksha Singh, Solutions Architect

Abel Verweg, Product Marketing Manager

Finbar Brown, Zone Leader APAC

Kat Brandenburg, Team Lead, University Program

Brandon Miller, Creative Director

Evren & Ozlem Yilmazer, Customer Success Directors

Join our team

We’re always looking for difference makers. Team members who want to give people the power to create more valuable applications, to change the world.

Our Locations

Mendix is proud to be a part of the Siemens software family with our headquarters in Boston, MA, and offices all around the world.

Mendix + Siemens Office Locations