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Mendix is an industry-leading low-code application development platform. Since 2005, we’ve helped thousands of organizations around the world reimagine the way they develop applications with our platform’s cutting-edge capabilities. 

By bridging the gaps in communication and collaboration between business and IT, Mendix helps enterprises turn ideas into outcomes by delivering sophisticated applications faster than ever before.

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The Story

In the early 2000s, Roald Kruit was working as a freelance software developer when he noticed a pattern: His clients were never 100% happy with the result. His coding skills were up to any challenge, but Roald’s end users still found faults. And he wasn’t the only one—other freelance developers were coming up against the same issue.

Even with the best intentions and long hours working to build exactly what was requested, the applications somehow missed the mark. Maybe the UX wasn’t as expected or maybe the entire application couldn’t meet the evolving needs of the customer. Whatever the issue, change requests and rework were slowing down the software development lifecycle, and Roald and other developers were quickly starting to feel burnout

Our founders—Roald, Derek Roos, and Derckjan Kruit—realized these applications weren’t failing for technical reasons. It wasn’t a problem of coding, but of communication. Developers didn’t understand the business, and business users didn’t understand development.

There had to be a way to bridge this gap while accelerating the development process—and our founders set out to create it.

The recurring problem was clear: Waterfall development was too slow and siloed, and developers and clients were never on the same page. The industry needed a more transparent, collaborative way for everyone to rapidly and continuously translate ideas into value-driving applications.

The first Mendix platform established a common visual development language and helped novice and professional developers validate requirements before coding even started. Our founders believed that incorporating visual tools—like flowcharts and UI mockups—into the discovery and design phases would help non-technical folks better communicate their ideas throughout the entire development process.

As we gathered feedback and continued enhancing the platform, Mendix evolved to include model-driven development, AI and ML tools, cloud-native capabilities, unlimited extensibility, and other features that support the entire SDLC. Little did we know that Mendix was on the precipice of the low-code revolution.

Today, Mendix is recognized as an industry leader by Gartner, Forrester, and our countless partners and customers. And our mission remains the same: To continuously evolve the platform to best serve the enterprise.

What does “Mendix” mean?




The name Mendix comes from the verb “mend,” which means to fix or repair anything that is broken. 


“The goal of Mendix is to mend the enterprise application development process.”


From humble beginnings in The Netherlands to multiple offices worldwide, see how both the Mendix platform and our company have evolved over the last two decades.

Mendix low-code for good

Low-Code for Good

From hackathons to non-profit development, we proudly support communities in need through our Low-Code for Good initiative.

By creating fair opportunities and equitable pathways, we empower groups to build innovative digital solutions with our low-code platform. Our goal is to improve the tech industry for everyone—regardless of experience or background.

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