We help enterprises achieve their digital goals

We know you’re under pressure, juggling existing priorities while trying to build a customer-centric, digital presence. But to survive and thrive, you need to embrace your customers’ demands and accelerate your digital innovation.

Our founders get it. They started Mendix to improve the way people transform ideas into working business applications. The initial team, a computer scientist, a business analyst, and a tech-savvy business leader, built Mendix to help enterprises, regardless of industry or manpower, harness the agility of a technology company.

People. Impeded or Empowered?

Our founders discovered that no one group is the impediment to innovation. Both business and IT represent distinct entities, with unique goals and challenges. And they realized that people needed a common language or platform to bring these groups together to drive digital innovation faster.

With Mendix, a business owner and a developer can huddle over a common application model. The dialog is full of “what if” “why not” “let’s try” “how about” and “I can’t believe we just did that.” A far cry from traditional business and IT dialog.

A complete platform to ignite digital innovation

Our technology enables business and IT collaboration so that your team can iterate toward the right business solution. With our modern approach to application delivery, cross-functional teams can build living, breathing applications that progress your digital innovation goals.

And through our cloud-native architecture and contributions to the Cloud Foundry open source PaaS project, we provide open technology and open standards so your ideas are never locked into one platform. We enhance your productivity, while maintaining an extensible and portable environment.

Together with our thriving community of partners, developers and business leaders, we’re changing the time it takes to achieve – and the way you get to – value.

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A great place to work

Mendix helps people achieve their digital innovation goals – which wouldn’t be possible without great people behind the scenes. We know when to be serious and when to have fun.

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