Dive into Mendix 10, our biggest platform update. Ever.

Enhanced developer experience

Build apps faster than ever with Mendix 10’s refreshed single IDE, impactful
productivity updates, and industry-first AI capabilities.

Meet the new
Mendix Studio Pro

Mendix 10 introduces a single IDE that combines the no-code simplicity of Mendix Studio with the powerful low-code capabilities of Mendix Studio Pro.

    • Access the Mendix Marketplace, utilize AWS connectors, and build extensions for third-party tools right in the IDE.
    • Use Mendix Connect to integrate with other systems and services, both internally and externally, with updated REST connectors, database connectors, and new Event Brokers/Business Events capabilities.
    • Customize the platform and IDE with the Model SDK and Platform APIs.
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Additional features and updates

  • Work comfortably with enhanced light and dark modes and better contrast.

  • Install Mendix Studio Pro more easily and on machines without administrator rights.

  • Build complex workflows easier with a new UI and extended capabilities.

  • Collaborate with other developers using Git-based version control.

Industry-first AI and Machine Learning tools

Mendix 10 boosts AI-assisted development and performance monitoring, and
delivers new ML capabilities not found in any other low-code platform.

The first LCAP with an embedded ML Kit

Deliver AI-enabled smart apps faster with Mendix 10—the first and only LCAP to offer in-platform ML capabilities. The Mendix ML Kit empowers organizations to effortlessly embed AI models into their smart apps without the need for third-party hosted services.

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Additional features and updates

  • Build and deliver apps faster with updates to Mendix Assist, our in-platform AI-assisted development bots.

  • Easily drag and drop AI/ML models into your app, embed them into your Mendix runtime, and interact with them via microflows.

  • Deliver next-generation smart apps with lower costs, better performance, and full data privacy.

New tools for collaborative development

Mendix 10 is the most collaborative platform for business and IT to conceptualize,
prioritize, and deliver software together.

Introducing Mendix Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a new tool that helps you prioritize, plan, measure, and optimize your Mendix apps. In a centralized overview embedded in the Mendix ecosystem, teams can control all digital initiatives and mitigate risk by better aligning business and IT goals.

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Additional features and updates

  • Ensure continuous feedback, minimal rework, and accelerated digital execution with Platform-wide collaboration upgrades.

  • Use a new Jira integration to better manage user stories with both Epics and Jira.

  • Measure the impact of an app with App Insights’ new tools for gathering and processing end-user feedback.

Broader multi-cloud capabilities

We’ve elevated our cloud offerings with more self-service capabilities, expanded
VPC/on-premises support, and a broader portfolio of cloud provider support.

Mendix 10 gives you more choice, control, and flexibility

Mendix 10 extends our cloud-native offerings, and new self-service capabilities enable teams to optimize deployments, and allocate and reallocate resources.

    • Quick-start your Mendix for Private Cloud journey using Mendix for Amazon EKS—Terraform.
    • Automate and integrate with popular third-party CI/CD pipelines.
    • Integrate monitoring solutions like Datadog, AppDynamics, DynaTrace, and Splunk.
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Additional features and updates

  • Seamlessly resumes apps in another AWS region with Premium Plus cloud resources.

  • Provision, manage, and operate native AWS resources by leveraging AWS Connectors.

  • Reduce latency and adhere to data residency requirements with our new AWS region launches.

Advanced governance and control

Strengthen your operations with Mendix 10’s enhanced governance, risk management, and operational efficiency.


Bring your own Identity Provider (IdP) to Mendix 10 to seamlessly leverage existing authentication practices, like single sign-on (SSO), two-factor (2FA) authentication, password policies, device recognition, session duration, and more.

    • Control credentials and authentication to Mendix with your existing IdP.
    • Govern access to Mendix, like limiting who can develop, deploy, and manage apps.
    • Deliver user convenience. Users access Mendix with their existing single sign-on credentials.
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Additional features and updates

  • Reduce TCO by promoting the use of common components with the Mendix Solutions Kit.

  • Integrate and automate with third-party CI/CD pipelines using Mendix Webhooks.

  • Keep track of the status and health of your production environments with the Application Health Dashboard.

Release docs and resources

Mendix 10 FAQs

  • How will Mendix 10 affect Mendix Studio users?

    Mendix Studio has merged into our Mendix Studio Pro IDE, which may feel like a big change for our no-code users. However, the new single IDE includes the following Mendix Studio features, with more to come in the later Mendix 10 releases.

      • Starting from an Excel spreadsheet
      • Theme customizer
      • In-context help and learning
      • Simplified data filtering

    The apps you build with Mendix Studio will continue to work. You can continue to use Mendix Studio Pro 9.20 to maintain them, or you can upgrade the apps to Mendix 10 and use the new IDE to make modifications.

    Mendix Studio users can contact us here for more information or support with Mendix 10.

    Looking for best practices around upgrading your Mendix apps? Register for our webinar on July 26, 2023.

  • Why did you merge Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro into one IDE?

    After pouring through customer feedback, analytics, and user trends, we decided to merge the no-code Mendix Studio and low-code Mendix Studio Pro into a single IDE to best serve the modern enterprise.

    Mendix 10 seamlessly blends the simplicity of Studio with the powerful Studio Pro. With the best of both worlds in one IDE, teams no longer need to decide whether to use Mendix Studio or Mendix Studio Pro.

    You can read more about our decision in this blog post by our Chief Product Officer Hans de Visser.

  • Are you abandoning citizen development?

    No. Citizen developers are a crucial part of the app development process, and we’ve optimized Mendix 10 to better support business and IT collaboration in a single environment.

    Our refreshed IDE includes the no-code features business technologists love—like the theme customizer, simplified data filtering, and starting from an Excel spreadsheet—plus advanced low-code capabilities for professional developers. Mendix 10 also includes new tools like Epics and Portfolio Management to further streamline cross-functional collaboration.

    Read more about collaboration with Mendix.