What's New in Mendix 10.12

Deliver Complex Applications Faster and Easier

Unleash AI-driven innovation and development efficiency with Mendix 10.12

Leverage new AI features and
collaboration tools for faster development

Make every part of the software development process faster and easier. With
10.12, you can leverage the power of AI to drive innovation with achievable
ROI while ensuring seamless collaboration between business and IT.

Meet Maia

Develop faster with Mendix AI Assistance (Maia), our generative AI-powered assistant that answers development questions, automates tasks, and generates app components.

Streamline collaboration

Seamlessly connect user stories and commits to bridge communication gaps, streamline agile operations, and eliminate manual tasks via the GA Jira vs. StudioPro integration.

Work faster and easier

Supercharge development with performance and speed enhancements to our IDE, get full support for Mac, and improve page building with our new X-ray view.

Additional features and updates

  • Utilize more feature-rich business and IT collaboration tools, including Portfolio Management upgrades and the new Studio Pro/Jira integration.

  • Visually build your database constraints with Mendix Connect without having to learn or write complex xPath syntax.

  • Streamline reviews with our Feedback API, now upgraded to a REST API, and receive notifications for new incoming feedback to keep everyone informed in real time.

  • Use our customizable feedback widget to adjust your application’s content, appearance, placement, and feedback destination.

Transform your business with
innovative digital experiences

Mendix 10.12 enhances your ability to deliver applications with smart, engaging user experiences across diverse modalities.

AI-enhanced interactions

Enhance applications with intelligent conversational capabilities to deliver instant contextually relevant responses with Conversational AI and an AI Bot Starter App.

Get ahead with genAI

Dive into generative AI with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and AWS Bedrock connectors to create informative, original text, images, and code on the fly.

Personalize experiences

Generate specific, relevant content grounded in your own data with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and function calling, which is directly integrated into our connectors.

Additional features and updates

  • integrate and connect

    Access more data in your applications with significant updates to the External Database Connector and the inclusion of Snowflake support.

  • Build fully immersive extended reality (XR) experiences that combine AR and VR technologies using WebXR widgets.

  • Use Workflow Audit Trail to track and document every step in a workflow, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance.

  • Ensure the longevity of your applications with a full migration to React runtime.

Enhance control and visibility
of your enterprise SDLC

Maintain centralized control with enhanced governance and top-tier security features. Our latest updates simplify the enterprise software development lifecycle by improving how you manage, develop, govern, and deploy apps and projects.

Keep control

Ensure quality and compliance with comprehensive scanning and streamlined audits.

Go global

Expand globally with ease using new Mendix AWS regions to reduce latency and meet localization needs.

Gain real-time insights

Get a real-time overview of initiatives with Portfolio Management updates and monitor their health, delivery, and pipeline with the new insights dashboard.

Additional features and updates

  • Leverage our secure, efficient, and compliant platform for seamless and reliable deployments.

  • Monitor cloud resource usage with our real-time Entitlements Dashboard.

  • Use Marketplace Curation to provide guidelines for reusable components by approving, denying, or labeling marketplace content as recommended.

  • Retrieve public and private company-specific Marketplace content versions with the Marketplace API.

Mendix Releases

  • Mendix Release 10.12 - Love for Developers

    In Mendix 10.12, meet Maia our new generative AI-powered assistant. We've also made Studio Pro performance improvements, included the number one idea on the Idea forum, introduced Software Composition, and so much more!

  • Mendix Release 10.11 - Power up Your Development

    Mendix 10.11 brings a performance boost in Studio Pro with features like OData live preview. Users benefit from an improved OIDC SSO module, Java 21 support, and Academy registration experience.