What's new in Mendix 10.6

Tackle Complexity with Low-Code Simplicity

Powered by AI, Mendix 10.6 is built to handle your most complex development needs

Smarter, faster, and easier software
development, powered by AI

Use low-code and AI-assisted development to simplify the complex requirements of today’s modern development teams.

Studio Pro just got
better and easier

  • Enhanced editors for microflows, nanoflows, and rules streamline your daily logic modeling, offering significant enhancements for a faster, smoother, and more intuitive experience.
  • MendixChat (Beta) provides instant access to Mendix-related development and how-to questions, and provides best practices and more while working in Studio Pro.
  • New UI for the design properties provides a better visual experience, making it easier and faster to customize the look and feel of pages.

Additional features and updates

  • The Figma UI Kit enables designers to create designs using out-of-the-box Studio Pro components and platform-supported widgets.

  • Install Mendix Studio Pro more easily and on machines without administrator rights.

  • Workflow improvements include accessing historical data, horizontal process modeling, timer events, building detailed activity timelines, and more.

Deliver on your ambitious development goals

Mendix empowers you to capitalize on new technologies to deliver smart, impactful solutions that add value to your organization in a low-code way.

Harness AI/ML to build smart solutions

  • Take advantage of Mendix’s flexible AI capabilities—the first and only LCAP to offer both external AI and in-platform ML capabilities.
  • Leverage AWS Connectors to streamline the consumption of AWS AI Services from within your Mendix applications.
  • Build custom AI-augmented smart solutions with the ML Kit when cost, latency, and data privacy are paramount.

Additional features and updates

  • The new Consume REST Service (beta) feature provides an even easier and faster way to consume any REST service.

  • Create experiences faster than ever across many types of user interfaces, like web, mobile, augmented and virtual reality, voice assistants, chatbots, etc.

  • Enable your existing team to quickly and easily up-level into full-stack developers, empowering them to deliver on your most ambitious goals.

Improve visibility and management of your application ecosystem

Unlock valuable insights into your application portfolio for better control and management, and provide transparency with business stakeholders.

Simplified and centralized management for apps and users

  • The new Application Health Dashboard (beta) provides insights into your application landscape, including the running status and alerts of your applications hosted in the Mendix public cloud.
  • Enhanced app management in Control Center provides a combined central management console for your applications and their environments, including visibility into paid vs free environments, Mendix versions that are deployed or in your repository, and more.
  • Enhanced platform user management via a new entity access rule editor simplifies platform user permissions and provides a complete overview of all access rules that affect a single entity.

Additional features and updates

  • Mendix Solutions Kit is a breakthrough in solution lifecycle management, empowering organizations to deliver and control cloud-native solution instances adapted to unique needs.

  • With App Insights, collect rapid, real-time feedback from business stakeholders and end-users during the development process.

  • Epics and Portfolio Management integration improves planning, collaboration, and staying informed about initiatives and managing them through the different stages of development.

Mendix 10 FAQs

  • Why did you merge Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro into one IDE?

    After pouring through customer feedback, analytics, and user trends, we decided to merge the no-code Mendix Studio and low-code Mendix Studio Pro into a single IDE to best serve the modern enterprise.

    Mendix 10 seamlessly blends the simplicity of Studio with the powerful Studio Pro. With the best of both worlds in one IDE, teams no longer need to decide whether to use Mendix Studio or Mendix Studio Pro.

  • Are you abandoning citizen development?

    No. Citizen developers are a crucial part of the app development process, and we’ve optimized Mendix 10 to better support business and IT collaboration in a single environment.

    Our refreshed IDE includes the no-code features business technologists love—like the theme customizer, simplified data filtering, and starting from an Excel spreadsheet—plus advanced low-code capabilities for professional developers. Mendix 10 also includes new tools like Epics and Portfolio Management to further streamline cross-functional collaboration.

    Read more about collobration with Mendix.

  • Q: How will Mendix 10 affect Mendix Studio users?

    Mendix Studio has merged into our Mendix Studio Pro IDE, which may feel like a big change for our no-code users. However, the new single IDE includes the following Mendix Studio features, with more to come in later Mendix 10 releases.

      • Starting from an Excel spreadsheet
      • Theme customizer
      • In-context help and learning
      • Simplified data filtering

    The apps you built with Mendix Studio will continue to work. You can continue to use Mendix Studio Pro 9.20 to maintain them, or you can upgrade the apps to Mendix 10 and use the new IDE to make modifications.

    Mendix Studio users can contact us here for more information or support with Mendix 10.

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