An Unexpected Use for the Mendix Version Selector

Sometimes someone uses an application you built in a way you had not imagined but makes a lot of sense nonetheless. In this case, it was an unexpected usage of the Mendix Version Selector. You might ask: what is the version selector? And I would not blame you because the version selector usually operates silently and invisibly. When double-clicking an .mpr or an .mpk file, the version selector inspects its version and opens the corresponding Modeler. You can read more about the version selector in another post. Continue reading

How to Run a Mendix App in a Docker Container in Seconds

Imagine if you could setup a new Mendix hosting environment in seconds, everywhere. A lightweight, secure and isolated environment where you just have to talk to a RESTful API to deploy your MDA (Mendix Deployment Archive) and start your App.

Earlier this year a great piece of software became very popular to help to achieve this goal: Docker. Docker provides a high-level API on top of Linux Containers (LXC), which provides a lightweight virtualization solution that runs processes in isolation.

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What’s the Buzz with the Latest Platform Portal Enhancements?

Have you visited the Mendix App Platform today? If so, you may have noticed that we released several small but useful improvements! The most noticeable is a new and very convenient feature that allows you to search through the buzz. You can even combine search with project filters to quickly search within a specific project. The search function on the capture page has been improved as well and can handle much larger result sets. Continue reading

Easily Develop Intuitive Multi-Device UIs with the Mendix Navigation Editor

In this series, we spotlight specific features or enhancements in Mendix 5.  Today, Developer Arjan van IJzendoorn outlines some key enhancements to the Navigation node of the Mendix Business Modeler.

One of the most prominent changes in Mendix 5 is how you can build user interfaces (UIs) and integrate apps. We will start looking at these features in detail in this blog series. Continue reading

Handling DateTime in Mendix: New FAQ and App Store Module

Since we often get questions about how DateTime is handled in Mendix, I wrote a brief FAQ at Why is this important?  As I note in the first FAQ response, because DateTime is the number of seconds or milliseconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC, there is no time zone information stored in a DateTime itself. It is important to keep this in mind when reasoning about dates and times to ensure they are formatted properly within your apps and readable to humans.

To make things easier, I also created a DateTime utility library and put it in the Mendix App Store. It provides some convenient Microflows with some Java Actions so that you won’t have to implement them yourself. Continue reading

Mendix Business Modeler 5.0.0-beta8 has been released

Last Friday we released a new beta version of Mendix 5! To view the full release notes and download the release, visit the App Store.

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Released: Quick Signup For The Mendix Platform Portal

Have you logged in to the Mendix App Platform today? You’ll notice the platform log-in, signup and password recovery wizards have an updated look and feel. But this is not only a cosmetic change; based on feedback from our user community, we simplified and streamlined the processes behind these wizards and added some helpful tips to make sure new users can sign up in just a few seconds. Continue reading

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