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  • Containerization and Low-Code Development Platforms

    Why Containerization is an Essential Capability of Low-Code…

    This blog explains what app containers are, and why embracing them is so important to modern application development. Read the full blog for the five major benefits of embracing app containers.

  • Cloud Computing Thought Leaders Background Image

    6 Cloud Computing Thought Leaders You Should Be Following

    From creators of the cloud to pioneers in cloud technology, here are six cloud thought-leaders who have shaped the way business is done today.

  • High Productivity Platforms Don’t Have to Forfeit High Control

    High-productivity platforms employ a visual, model-driven approach that enables a broader range of individuals, including citizen developers, to build and deploy apps. This approach is proven to reduce time to value and lower development costs while offloading overburdened IT development organizations. The tradeoff, though, is often perceived to be a lack of control. But it doesn’t have to be that way, read more.

  • Leveraging Watson – How IBM & Mendix Help You Win in a…

    IBM Watson enables new patterns of innovation using data to drive growth. Because of the steep increase in demand for low-code solutions, we have entered into a strategic partnership where IBM will resell the Mendix Platform globally. Read more to learn how customers will benefit from this strategic partnership.

  • Top 9 in 2017: Our Most-Read Blogs for Developers

    We wrote many blog articles in 2017 to help you kick-start your projects and enable you to build apps with speed and ease. Here are the top 10 posts that we published in 2017 for developers.