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Create Engaging Customer And Employee Apps

LV= drives business innovation with front and back-end apps. Build the apps your employees and customers need—fast...

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Build Modern,
Multi-Channel Front Ends

Kao builds mobile order entry app integrated with SAP. Add apps on top of Oracle, Microsoft or other inflexible legacy systems...

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Automate Complex
Business Processes

Arch Re automates complex workflows. Integrate enterprise processes and automate workflows...

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Migrate and Modernize
Legacy Systems

The Boston Globe migrates Lotus Notes based-apps. Modernize your systems and empower your users...

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Breeze through the time-consuming, repetitive work so that you have time for the hard stuff. Build and integrate powerful composite apps like never before

“Using Mendix, we're delivering new applications in easily one-fifth of the time and cost.”

Harald Swinkels, CEO and Co-Founder, NLE

Harald Swinkels

“We can do things we simply wouldn't have been able to do using traditional development methods.”

Wade Sendall, VP of IT, The Boston Globe

Wade Sendall

“The Mendix App Platform delivered the unbeatable combination of speed, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.”

Martin Wanschers, Process Manager,
BAM Infratechniek

Martin Wanschers

“With Mendix, we had working interfaces in two days... It was the smoothest go-live we've ever had.”

Matthias Bartels, SAP SD/CRM Business
Application Leader,

Matthias Bartels
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Traditional App Delivery is Broken and How You Can Fix It Now

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AegonSanoma UtgeversKPNKwik-FitDelta LloydLVThe Boston Globe
Liberty MutualABN-AMROBDCSkyDigital RiskArchPlessey
Kuehne+NagelPennAZLBancABCFirst NonprofitGEING
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In The News

TechCrunch: Mendix, An App-Builder Platform For The Enterprise, Closes $25M Series B Led By Battery Ventures

Mendix, an app builder platform for the enterprise, has closed a $25 million Series B, led by Battery Ventures.

eWeek: Boston Globe Rebuilds Its IT Infrastructure After New Owner Takes Over

The Globe is creating its own IT infrastructure after using shared platforms with former owner The New York Times. Mendix is helping with the transformation.

CITEworld: Mendix aims to make building apps as easy as building with Legos

Coding ain't easy. But it's increasingly important that workers in every part of the enterprise...

From the Blog

Mendix World 2014: CEO Says Every Company Is a Software Company

The historic gap between IT and the rest of the business is no longer a mere source of frustration; it's become a major business issue of our time.

Mendix CTO: Time to Take Cloud Apps to Higher Level of Abstraction

At its core, cloud computing is about managing IT at a higher level of abstraction and then automating the management of it.

Building Enterprise Applications to Size and Scale

One of the more popular misperceptions associated with most application platforms and rapid application development (RAD) tools is that they are only well suited for lightweight departmental applications.



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