Mendix on AWS

Mendix and Amazon Web Services (AWS) empower
businesses to develop better applications faster and easier

Cloud-Native Low-Code on a Secure and Scalable Foundation

Mendix helps enterprises build sophisticated applications with speed, collaboration, and control. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is renowned for its security, scalability, reliability, and availability. Mendix on AWS is the best of both worlds. Mendix has been cloud-native since 2016 and our mission is to make it the fastest and easiest way to build apps on AWS. Whether you’re an AWS customer looking at low-code or a Mendix customer considering cloud services, we’ll help you make the most of your investments.

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    Apply Intelligent Automation to Your Business

    Watch this live talk where Madhu Raman, Head Automations Business at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Jethro Borsje, Chief Ecosystem Solution Officer, discuss how you can use Mendix’s low-code platform and AWS to build the solutions your business needs to stay ahead in an ever-competitive world.

  • Tackle your industry-specific challenges

    Jumpstart your low-code journey with pre-built application templates that address the key challenges of your industry. As a Siemens business, Mendix is leading the way in modern application development across industries including manufacturing, financial services, banking, insurance, retail, and the public sector.

  • Modernize your SAP applications

    Don’t just migrate your SAP applications to AWS. Modernize them with Mendix on AWS. Build SAP ECC and S/4HANA extensions with Fiori styling. Customer and supplier portals with your own styling. Native mobile apps with offline capability. If it doesn’t fit it in standard SAP, it’s possible with Mendix on AWS. Mendix has been SAP’s strategic low-code partner since 2017 and we’ve co-developed tight integration at every level of the SAP stack.

Hanna Hennig

CIO, Siemens AG

"Mendix on AWS is a key driver of our digital transformation. It's unleashing the creative talent of business and IT experts all over Siemens - across all business lines and functions - with over 450 apps in production and hundreds more on the way. It's the best of both worlds - the speed and innovation of Mendix with the security, scalability, reliability and availability of AWS."

Madhu Raman

Worldwide Head of Automation Business at AWS

"Mendix enterprise-grade low-code application development supports businesses looking to adopt intelligent automation on AWS to strategically address cost reduction and opportunities to improve operational effectiveness. AWS' customers can now rapidly assemble real-world intelligent automation applications with Mendix on AWS."

Accelerate Digital Execution with Mendix & AWS

Don’t let legacy systems hold you back from maximizing the benefits of cloud migration. Download the playbook, Accelerate Digital Execution with Mendix & AWS, and learn how digital transformation will unlock the potential of your cloud investments.

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Benefits of Mendix on AWS

  • Mendix on AWS

    Run your Mendix apps in the Mendix Cloud, fully managed by Mendix and powered by AWS since 2016. Benefit from seamless scaling, auto-healing, one-click deployment, high availability, reliability, and security out of the box.

  • Mendix on Amazon EKS

    Run your Mendix apps in your own AWS environment with Mendix on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS). Use our new Reference Deployment to automatically set up a best practice architecture in only 30 minutes.

  • Easy Integration

    Whether you’re building an app on top of your AWS services or embedding an AWS service into your Mendix app, our AWS Service connectors make the integration both simple and secure.

  • Easy procurement and billing

    Enjoy streamlined procurement, billing, and commercial benefits when you buy Mendix licenses, services, and solutions through the AWS Marketplace.

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App Today

AWS developers: what are you waiting for? Learn how to build a Mendix app and uses Amazon Textract and another one that uses Amazon Rekognition.

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“Mendix makes it possible for Banijay Benelux to experiment with new techniques on AWS. I could have never done this 5 years ago. Using AWS and Mendix for Private Cloud, we can constantly adjust our applications to meet our user’s needs.”

Leon Backbier
IT Manager, Banijay Benelux

Customer Stories

  • Siemens

    In this case study, Siemens CIO Hanna Hennig explains how Siemens has adopted and scaled Mendix across the business, with 450+ apps in production and 240,000+ users.

  • Banijay Benelux

    Banijay Benelux runs Mendix on AWS and integrates Mendix apps with AWS services to address highly industry-specific challenges.

  • Erie Insurance

    ERIE uses Mendix on AWS for many apps, including a quoting portal for their independent agents and a mobile app for customers.

  • Hortilux

    Hortilux uses Mendix with AWS IoT to help horticulture growers optimize the production of high-quality crops all year round.

  • AntTail

    AntTail built an IoT-based system to manage the cold chain logistics of medication right up to the refrigerator in the patient’s home.

  • Solomon Group

    Solomon Group uses Mendix on AWS to manage lighting, sound, and ticketing at large events like the NCAA Playoff Kickoff and the Essence Festival.

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