Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions

Rethink your customer experience and
operational effectiveness

Mendix Intelligent Automation Solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) supports industry business processes to modernize customer experience, increase operational effectiveness, and improve process excellence.

Progressively modernize core processes and experience in retail banking

Core modernization is a very lengthy and expensive process. Explore how retail banks can accelerate modernization, without adding to technical debt by changing the core, through intelligent automation solutions using low-code/no-code.

Imagine touchless digital experiences for customers with purpose-built solutions for critical processes, from initial onboarding to managing the most significant financial transaction of people’s lives with mortgage or loan origination solutions.

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Differentiate with personalized and automated experience in insurance

Thanks to the combined weights of regulatory control, legacy core systems, and manual processes, there is a massive divide between the experience that today’s sophisticated buyer wants and what insurers can actually offer. The future of insurance will increasingly tie to top-notch customer experiences, so insurers need to make moves quickly.

Discover how insurers can rethink customer experience with purpose-built solutions from Mendix. Automate customer processes intelligently, as well as drive data-driven communication and processes in a touchless environment.

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Solve the disconnect by creating new digital experiences for manufacturing

Across manufacturing value chains, digital initiatives to improve efficiencies, connections, and engagement experiences are at their peak.

Mendix’s cloud-native platform empowers manufacturers to deliver stand-out digital experiences across all domains. From intelligent process automation to hyper-personalization, domain experts can contribute to application development while keeping the digital thread intact with modern, personalized, and adaptable solutions.


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Slay Goliath-sized Problems in a David-sized Timeline

Listen to Madhu Raman, Global Head of Intelligent Automation at AWS, talk about the power of low-code development for process automation on the AWS podcast. Mendix was the only platform that got a shout-out!

Why AWS and Mendix?

  • Intelligent Automation Solution

    Purpose-built industry templates powered with AWS services for rapid assembly of contextual and intelligent solutions

  • Faster Time-to-Market

    Accelerate time-to-market for new products and services with configurable and pre-integrated industry templates with 200+ services on a secure and resilient AWS cloud

  • Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Empower process experts to assemble intelligent automation solutions to improve operational effectiveness with greater productivity and operational excellence

“Mendix enterprise-grade low-code application development supports businesses looking to adopt intelligent automation on AWS to strategically address cost reduction and opportunities to improve operational effectiveness.” said Madhu Raman, worldwide head of Intelligent automation at AWS. “AWS’ Financial Services industry customers can now rapidly assemble real-world intelligent automation applications with Mendix on AWS.”

Madhu Raman

Worldwide Head of Intelligent Automation at AWS

“AWS recognizes the transformative power of the Mendix platform and we recognize the transformative power of AWS Services. Together, we’re enabling organizations to quickly build modern experiences that take advantage of intelligent automation, so they can accomplish more in less time, reduce costs, delight customers, and drive greater value from human capital.”

Tim Srock

CEO of Mendix

How do enterprises benefit from low-code?

Research conducted by Forrester found that intelligent automation with Mendix low-code can yield a payback in under 6 months and a 3-year ROI of over 2800%. These benefits came from application delivery savings, operational efficiencies, and incremental revenue from improved customer engagement and the accelerated time to market for new products and services.

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