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Unlock the power of your data with Mendix

Drive business outcomes with actionable data

Leverage the value of your data assets through the speed and ease of low-code development.

The new integrations for Snowflake provide seamless and direct access to your data from the Mendix developer experience, while preserving Snowflake’s high standards for security and robustness. Build AI-enabled web and native mobile applications to drive business outcomes from your data securely and at scale.

The benefits of Mendix and Snowflake

Intelligent, data-driven applications

Use Mendix to surface Snowflake data to drive meaningful action and make better decisions faster with the creation of intelligent applications.

Whether via AI-enabled experiences, web, mobile, or wearable tech, organizations are poised to leverage the combined value of data and the knowledge of its people to become an intelligent enterprise.

Integrated AI/ML with Snowflake Cortex

Snowflake Cortex provides instant access to industry-leading large language models (LLMs). It also offers models that are fine-tuned for specific use cases.

With new integrations for Snowflake, you can leverage Snowflake Cortex capabilities directly from the Mendix Studio Pro IDE. This provides an easier, more seamless user experience when embedding AI into your Mendix applications.

Highly secure and scalable

Access Snowflake data from your Mendix applications while preserving Snowflake’s high security standards. Mendix automatically inherits Snowflake’s role-based security so permissions are preserved without additional configuration.

Deploy applications to the public Mendix Cloud, Mendix Cloud Dedicated, or Mendix for Private Cloud. Applications have high availability, robust security, and maximum reliability while the data remains in Snowflake.

Accelerated enterprise application development

Quickly deliver enterprise-grade applications incorporating your Snowflake data with low-code. Build better software faster by improving collaboration between business and IT.

Simplify the use of your data, through a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can easily add Snowflake data assets into Mendix applications.

Consolidated data and applications

Deliver business applications that leverage the full value of your Snowflake data and provide the business with data-driven, actionable insights.

Through this blend of technologies, organizations can build effective fusion teams. Bridge the gap between business technologists, developers, data engineers, AI and analytics experts, and UI/UX and drive multidisciplinary collaboration.

Easier data enrichment

As well as consuming data via Mendix, users can also update the data from the application. Using our leading UI capabilities, users can enrich the data intuitively and easily, ensuring data integrity is maintained.

Whether your sales teams are updating customer records or your field engineers are updating tickets from a handheld device, your data stays updated, accurate, and secure.

Simplified upload of Mendix operational data

Automatically upload operational data from your Mendix-based solutions to Snowflake and share it across your organization. Combine it with additional enterprise data to create actionable insights.

These applications support business processes like incident management and quality control, replacing operational data with applications that are part of Snowflake’s data ecosystem.

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What can you do with Mendix and Snowflake?


  • Build business applications on top of enterprise data for a richer user experience
  • Deliver self-service portals
  • Provide an engaging web and mobile native UI


  • Automate complex business processes
  • Remove manual system integration
  • Increase efficiency


  • Leverage AI-enabled applications using enterprise data
  • Empower more users with data-driven decisions
  • Deliver predictive insights using AI/ML tools


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