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Design, develop, test, and deploy a complete web and mobile application from start to finish.

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What is Mendix?

Mendix is an AI-powered, full-stack enterprise application development platform. Build complex, mission-critical apps faster with Mendix’s visual, model-driven approach, including industry-standard processes like agile methodology, advanced version control, CI/CD, and DevOps.

A single platform to tackle all software development challenges

Get from idea to production with a platform designed to streamline every aspect of the software development cycle, collaboration, and team and project management.

Mendix is open and extensible, with first-class support for a wide range of integrations and extensions.

  • Easily customize and integrate both the IDE and your application portfolio
  • Use your favorite tools, like Jira and Git
  • Extend functionality with Java, JavaScript, CSS, and React Native libraries
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A powerful IDE to build complex apps faster

Boost your productivity using Mendix Studio Pro, a visual IDE that accelerates application development, automates routine work, and helps you handle complex tasks with ease.

  • Embrace full-stack development, without being a full-stack developer
  • Create front-ends, back-ends, and integrations using the pre-built components and drag-and-drop interfaces
  • Build complex, multi-channel, and cross-platform applications for any user, device, and operating system without worrying about tedious development tasks
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A thriving, collaborative developer community

Join an active community of 300k+ developers around the world who use Mendix in their day-to-day work. The Mendix Community includes developers with diverse experiences and skill sets who help each other by answering questions and sharing knowledge.

  • Connect online and offline
  • Browse community-sourced content to find what you need
  • Share the content you have created, whether it’s a sample app, a reusable component, or a how-to guide
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    Explore Mendix Docs, our reference manual including how-to guides, latest releases, and best practices for application development and performance.

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    Get answers, share ideas, and connect with the community of hundreds of thousands developers around the world who build applications with Mendix.

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