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Mendix’s and AWS’s AI capabilities were on full display at CES 2024.

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Harness low-code and
AI to elevate efficiency

Elevate your development strategy and unlock growth potential. Mendix uses AI and machine learning to optimize efficiency, fine-tune decision making, and proactively identify emerging problems.

Equip your development team with AI-assisted co-pilots that provide guidance, enforce best practices, and optimize application performance.

  • Build smarter applications

    Create enterprise solutions with greater proactiveness, decisiveness, and accuracy.

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  • Build applications smarter

    Leverage AI to improve the speed and quality of application development.

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Accelerate innovation with built-in AIAD capabilities

Quickly build sophisticated solutions of the highest quality, performance, and consistency with our AI-assisted development bots, called MxAssist.

Integrated into the IDE, the built-in AI-co-pilots help developers of all skill sets build better applications, faster.

For novice developers, MxAssist provides guidance and enforces best practices, resulting in faster onboarding and higher-quality output. For experienced developers, MxAssist uses anti-patterns to identify and remove application inefficiencies, improving overall performance and security.

  • AI-assisted application
    modeling and logic

    Built with the ML analysis of over 12 million anonymized application logics, MxAssist’s Logic Bot uses deep learning to provide real-time, context-driven recommendations.

    • Assists with modeling and the creation of application logic (aka a microflow).
    • Helps developers build microflows up to 30% faster.
    • Provides real-time recommendations for the next best activity in your microflow with a 95% accuracy rate.
    • Understands context by analyzing a microflow when a new activity or decision mid-flow is inserted.
    • Automates development by pre-populating parameters for an action.
    • Streamlines development by pre-populating parameters for an action.
    Meet Logic Bot
  • MxAssist Logic Bot

  • AI-enforced
    best practices audit

    The MxAssist Best Practice Bot serves as a best practices compliance tool by evaluating your application against established anti-patterns and developmental best practices.

    • Automatically inspects application models against Mendix best practices.
    • Detects anti-patterns and guides developers step-by-step to resolve issues.
    • Includes a best practice guide with instructions for resolution.
    • Improves the quality of the application, performance, and security,
    • Automatically refactors application model utilizing best practices.
    Explore Best Practices Bot
  • MxAssist Best Practice Bot

  • AI-automated
    validation logic

    MxAssist’s Data Validation Bot taps into pre-configured expressions to automate the otherwise manual and repetitive task of setting up data validations.

    • Automates the building of specific page elements where data validation is likely required.
    • Generate a validation microflow by simply right-clicking on a supported element.
    • Package and reuse validations across application models for consistency and reduced maintenance.
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  • MxAssist Validation Bot

Achieve AI-driven operational excellence

Mendix is the only low-code platform with the versatility to facilitate AI/ML integration with both external cognitive services and embedded ML models.

With Mendix-built, AI-powered smart applications, your enterprise can boost efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage.

  • Cognitive services

    Mendix easily connects to any third-party service to interact with hosted AI/ML models. Seamlessly integrate with ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Amazon Bedrock for generative AI. Or, use additional AI services from Google, Microsoft, AWS, Abbyy, etc.

    Mendix makes it easier for teams to integrate AWS’ market-leading AI services, including

    • Amazon Textract
    • Amazon Rekognition
    • AWS IoT TwinMaker
    • Amazon Polly
    • Amazon Bedrock

    Simply drag and drop them into your Mendix application to use them as part of your application, without the complexities of REST APIs or code.

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  • Embedded ML models

    Mendix is the first and only low-code platform to support the embedded integration of ML models.

    The Mendix ML Kit aligns with the critical objectives of AI-minded enterprises, ensuring high performance, data privacy, and cost-effectiveness.

    Enterprises use the ML Kit to deploy proprietary ML models directly into a Mendix application without the need for third-party services. To maximize AI interchangeability, models can be trained with various frameworks—TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch, etc.—and converted to the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX), an open standard for machine learning models.

    Choose from hundreds of free, open-source, and pre-trained ML models. Drag and drop them into your application, and start building smart applications with speed and ease.

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You should be building
smart applications with low-code

The challenges of AI are no match for low-code.

Download our latest eBook to see how and why enterprises are building advanced smart applications with low-code.

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  • What is MxAssist?

    MxAssist is a collection of AI-assisted developer bots that support teams throughout the application development lifecycle.

    MxAssist includes three virtual co-developer bots, each with specialized capabilities: MxAssist Logic Bot, MxAssist Best Practice Bot, and MxAssist Data Validation Bot. The purpose of these assistants is to help teams model and deliver higher-quality applications faster and more consistently.

    Learn more about MxAssist.

  • How does MxAssist work?

    MxAssist is built into the Mendix IDE. Our MxAssist bots use deep learning and the ML analysis of millions of anonymized applications to guide developers and make application development faster and easier.

    MxAssist includes three specialized virtual co-developer bots:

    • MxAssist Logic Bot helps you build models and application logic.
    • MxAssist Best Practices Bot makes sure your application follows best practices.
    • MxAssist Data Validation Bot uses automation and pre-built expressions to help you build validation microflows.
  • Is MxAssist available for all Mendix developers?

    Yes. Developers of all experience levels can use MxAssist to accelerate the delivery of low-code applications.

    MxAssist helps experienced developers build and innovate faster. Our virtual assistants also help novice developers understand low-code by learning the best actions to take throughout each stage of the application development process.

  • How can MxAssist improve the development process?

    Whether you’re a novice or a professional, MxAssist helps developers of all skill levels build applications faster and more efficiently.

    Our co-developer bots act as virtual Mendix coaches by inspecting models, identifying issues, recommending fixes, and measuring your application against best practices. If you’re new to low-code, MxAssist will serve as your guide throughout the application lifecycle so you can learn how to develop applications as you go. For professional developers, MxAssist streamlines and automates repetitive tasks so you can build fast and innovate more.

  • What benefits do embedded ML models provide over hosted AI services?

    When you embed an AI/ML model inside your Mendix application, your model and application run inside the same node. This provides many benefits when compared to hosted third-party AI services, such as:

    • Better performance
    • Less latency
    • Lower transactional cost
    • Better data security and privacy
    • Faster time to market
  • Where can I find pre-trained models for my smart applications?

    You can see what is available in the ONNX Zoo, which is a collection of pre-trained, state-of-the-art models in the ONNX format contributed by its community members.

    If you can’t find what you are looking for in the ONNX Zoo, then any model created by TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, Keras, Wolfram, spaCy, or other AI framework that can convert their models into ONNX format can be used within your Mendix applications.

  • Am I limited to using only one type of AI capabilities per application (embedded or hosted)?

    No, you can use a combination of embedded and hosted AI capabilities.

    Mendix does not limit your AI-enabled smart application integrations in any way. You can use hosted, embedded, or a combination of both.

  • What are your plans for generative AI?

    Our vision is to leverage generative AI to build the next generation low code platform.

    We aim to further developer productivity by transforming the conversation between developer and the Mendix IDE into something more natural, intuitive, and powerful.

    Our first generative AI capabilities—powered by our own specialized Large Language Model (LLM) and built in-house—appear in Mendix 10.6.