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Top 3 favorite modules

Top 3 favorite modules by Daniela Field

I’ve written previously about my favorite widgets and explained what they are in this post. My coworkers have written about some great widgets like the Notification widget, and other developers and partners can easily create their own widgets using JavaScript. However, did you know that you can also find a plethora of modules within the App Store? You can think of modules as mini pre-built lego blocks that are there to help you whenever you need to add other components to your applications. They are like mini self-contained apps with various functionalities that can be imported into a project. Any module that is built in Mendix can be easily exported and imported in various projects. This blog post will cover my favorite modules that I have used in various projects.

Salesforce Connector

sfA lot of companies have either the Salesforce CRM tool or other apps built in salesforce. That’s why the salesforce connector is a very helpful module that has basic functionalities to link to Salesforce. You can extract contacts, tasks, and query for any type of information. While it is fairly bare-boned, because you can extract a plethora of information from Salesforce, it is a pretty good starting point. The domain model, web service and basic queries are already built in, and you can customize and extend as needed. If you are customizing the module though, it is best to add them to another module. The reason being is so that if you ever need to upgrade the connector or download it from the App Store, you won’t have to reconfigure everything all over again.



Email Template

Want to send emails through your application? No problem! The emailemail template to the rescue.
The email template is something I use frequently in a lot of apps. Businesses usually need to send emails to users to trigger some event, get an alert, or send emails straight from the application. Whenever you need such functionalities you can easily download the EmailTemplate from the App Store. It is fairly easy to integrate with the Use Me folder where you will find all the components you’ll need as a first time end user. The email template is quite useful and I can’t count the number of projects I’ve included it in.


Forgotten password

Another very helpful module is the forgotten password functionality. Built by my co-worker Jasper, the forgotten password module allows users to retrieve their forgotten passwords. Within the login widget, you can add a link for forgotten passwords, easily enter your email and within seconds you get a link to re-create your password. It is a great module that has come in handy multiple times.



In conclusion, I hope you’ll find all these modules helpful in your project. Also, a quick disclaimer, read the documentation carefully and ensure that you have any other dependent modules or widgets downloaded. For example, the email module requires the encryption module and the forgot password requires at least the deeplink module to send the password retrieval links!

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