Business Strategies
with Mendix

Turn ideas into outcomes. The Mendix low-code application development platform features the tools, services, and resources enterprises need to execute application development strategies that deliver results.

Low-code application development
and deployment strategies

Strategies for Industries

  • a smartphone mapping a face

    AI Face Recognition

    Provide accurate quotations instantly from a picture, leveraging machine learning and facial recognition in parallel with a rating engine.

  • AI Smart Banking

    A customer self-service application that also allows customers to apply for new products using an integrated IBM chatbot.

  • Claims Portal

    Allows insurance customers to quickly report personal property losses.

  • Compliance Complaint Tracker

    Low code integration provides a 100% dependable complaint management system by interweaving a single portal, eliminating numerous spreadsheets.

  • Digital Insurance Suite

    Provide flexible connectivity to existing core systems to add a modern digital portal that serves the evolving needs of digital insurance.

  • Intelligent Care Services

    An offline-first mobile app that runs on iOS and Android and allows remote workers to manage their daily appointments, tasks, and audits.

  • Intelligent Planning

    Automate maintenance and repair work planning while accounting for SLA, qualifications, regulatory compliance, and available skilled staff.

  • IoT Logistics Tracking

    Enables logistics and shipping companies to track cargo for changes in environmental conditions and write smart contracts using SAP Blockchain.

  • Manufacturing Shop Floor

    Manufacturing Shop Floor

    Mendix gives you a head start on the digital transformation of your manufacturing shop floor by maximizing the value of your core systems Learn more!

  • Mortgage Origination

    Combine underlying customer data with AI/ML capabilities and intelligent automation to create revenue-generating customer journeys.