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Mendix in 30

This 30-minute webinar provides an overview of our platform including a live demo of the Mendix development environment, the app development process in Mendix and the ease of deployment.

Shape Your Team for the Future of App Dev

Register for the Webinar to learn how Avertra, a global utilities technology company, uses the Mendix Platform to recognize and activate a diverse team of developers to immediately deliver speed and value to their business.

The Fast Track to Innovation

Mendix is the only low-code platform that takes a holistic approach to application lifecycle management. Hear how our partners – Mansystems, TimeSeries and EPI-USE – are helping customers ramp up on Mendix with the right mix of developers.

Platform Evaluation Guide

Within this guide, you should be able to find the answer to any question you might have about the Mendix Platform. If you are ready to take a deep dive into Mendix, this guide is for you.

How We Built an IoT Application in 10 Days Using Watson IoT and IBM Blockchain

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up countless opportunities for businesses to drive smarter operations. Virtually every device and asset around us is becoming equipped with sensors that transmit data to the cloud. Naturally, many companies are eager to make IoT applications part of their business to drive new experiences, cut costs and generate efficiency.

Granite Telecommunications Creates Transformative Apps to Support a Growing Business

Watch how Granite Telecommunications, a firm that grew from 0 to $1.2B in value in only 10 years, is engaging with customers and creating operational efficiencies through transformative applications. Using the Mendix high productivity platform (hpaPaaS) and a strong relationship with their business counterparts, the Granite IT team has built 15 applications, saving the company hundreds of thousands in software costs, and decreasing time to market by 75%.

Early Adopters Driving Smart Operations with IoT Applications

The convergence of the digital and physical worlds, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), is creating an explosion of data. By 2020, the world’s data will double every two months, with an expected 34 billion IoT devices connecting everything from toothbrushes to turbines and transmitting data to the cloud. However, all the connected devices and big data in the world won’t mean a thing until they are properly applied.

How to Integrate Java in your Mendix Apps

If you’re looking to extend your Mendix application with custom Java, then this expert webinar is for you. Hear our top project managers, Marshall Worster and Jasper van der Hoek for a hands-on discussion created to make you a better Mendix developer.

Building the Digital Insurer

Digital is fundamentally changing the face of insurance. Opportunities and threats abound; yet, the vast majority of the value remains untapped. To become a digital insurer, IT leaders must focus on helping their organizations tackle these three key priorities with unprecedented speed.

Mendix OData Support

With OData support, Mendix offers a powerful tool to easily transform application data into information you can use to improve customer experiences and streamline operations.

UX Awareness and Process

If you’re looking for best practices and new ways to determine and utilize the quality of experience in your applications, this expert webcast is for you.

What's New in ATS 2.0

Mansystems, Expert partner of Mendix, released version 2 of the Application Test Suite. With a new look, new architecture, lightning-fast test execution, and a focus on a user-friendly experience, Mansystems and Mendix have taken a major step forward in their shared mission with ATS 2, further reducing app creation time from concept to completion. On top of that, ATS is now available as a service.

Ask the Expert

This Ask the Expert session is your chance to pick 3 expert’s brains, ask your most burning questions, and discover what makes them tick.

Design Systems & Mendix

As more of our customers are scaling up their Mendix practices, we see many struggling to deliver great user experiences across their application portfolios. This often leads to low adoption throughout their companies and sub-optimal results. Learn how to address this.

Using Living Style Guides to Deliver Consistent UX

As our teams and number of applications expand, it is easy for each new app to look and work slightly different than one before it. This lack of consistency inevitably leads to duplication of work for both developers and designers. Learn how to address this.

Digital Execution: Your Starter Guide

Download this guide to access a proven, best practices-based approach to getting your digital execution underway, from how to implement a bimodal IT strategy successfully to addressing the Portfolio, People, Process and Platform aspects of a successful digital execution.

Successfully Integrating UX in Mendix Projects

How do we assure that at the end of the day, business value is added through the use of UX and that we have a healthy Return on Investment on our efforts? In general: how do we successfully integrate the area of UX design into our agile Mendix projects?

Deep Dive Into XPath

XPath is one of the main query languages designed to retrieve data. XPath uses path expressions to select data from Mendix objects and their attributes or associations. It is a critical component and important to know and understand how to effectively query data.

Hands-On with Mendix 7

We recently released Mendix 7.0, a release that improves the scalability and availability of your Mendix applications considerably. Learn more in this webinar.

Kickstart your Widget Development

If you’re looking for best practices and new ways to develop widgets in Mendix, view this webcast for expert advice and a real-world view of the new tools available for widget development.

Creating Custom Widgets

Learn: Who should build Custom Widgets? What is a Custom Widget? When should you build or use Custom Widgets? How to build your first "Hello World" widget.

Mobile App Development

Learn: Layouts & mobile UIs, Testing with the Mendix Developer App, Native device functionality, Publishing to Apple, Google Play, or Windows AppStores, Leveraging Mendix APIs.


Learn: how to identify and improve performance problems, business logic performance errors, domain model improvements, data retrieval best practices, and security, UI & widget use best practices.

Error Handling

Learn: error handling configurations, conflicting error handling techniques within microflows and sub-microflows, reporting errors to your users, and how to efficiently log errors in your application.

Mendix for Salesforce.com

The Mendix Platform is the ideal cloud platform to enhance Salesforce.com systems with custom business apps, industry specific solutions or multi-tenant SaaS applications.

VGZ Case Study

To meet customer expectations, reduce back-office processing costs and stay ahead of the competition, Dutch health insurer VGZ developed and launched a mobile app.

REST Integration

Mendix Senior Customer Success Consultant Robert Bond Presents REST Integration best practices in our monthly expert webinar series.

Ron Tolido, CTO, Capgemini

Tolido brings light to the changing landscape of business applications, wherein more ‘scooter’ applications are needed to complement our ‘train’ and ‘bus’ systems to help us reach that last mile of enabling the business.

Consuming REST Services with Mendix

Since Mendix 6.6.0, REST Services can be consumed natively within the platform. Furthermore, the necessary data mappings can be configured 100% visually, making your development life a lot easier.

Mendix for Pivotal Demo

Mendix for Pivotal enables rapid developers to visually model web and mobile applications in Mendix, with integrated one-click deployment to Pivotal for secure, highly available, Internet-scale operations.